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x3+3x2+3x+2 divided by x+2 equals x2+x+1

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Q: What is the answer to x cubed plus 3x squared plus 3x plus 2 divided by x plus 2?
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Factor 3x cubed plus 15x squared plus 18x?

3x3+15x2+18x = 3x(x2+5x+6) = 3x(x+2)(x+3)

Simplify x squared plus 3x plus 2 divided by -3x minus x squared minus 2?

x^2 + 3x + 2/(-3x) - x^2 - 2=3x-2+2/(-3x)=3x-2-2/(3x)

Factor 9x cubed plus 27x squared - 90x?


What are the quotient and remainder when x cubed plus 3x squared plus 6x plus 1 is divided by x plus 1?

x3+3x2+6x+1 divided by x+1 Quotient: x2+2x+4 Remaider: -3

How do you factor a polynomial of 4x plus 12x squared plus 16x cubed?

4x(4x^2 + 3x + 1)

How do you factor 9x cubed plus 18x squared minus x minus 2?

(x + 2)(3x - 1)(3x + 1)

Describe the end behavoir of f x 3x 3-4x 2 plus 7x-3?

The 3x is cubed and the 4x is squared

What is x cubed minus 27 divided by x minus 3?


How do you factor the expression 27x cubed plus 8?

the answer is (3x-2)(9x squared+6x+4)

Factor 24 cubed plus 27x squared - 8x - 9?

(8x + 9)(3x^2 - 1)

Find turning points for the function y equals x cubed divided by 3 minus x squared minus 3x plus 5?

Locate the turning point(s) for the following functions. (a) y=x3-x2 -3x + 5 3

Factor x cubed plus x squared minus 3x minus 3?

x³ + x² - 3x - 3 = (x + 1)(x + √3) (x - √3).

How do you simplify 3x squared plus 7x minus 40 divided by x plus 5?

Factorise it: (x + 5)(3x - 8)

What is 5x squared plus 3x plus 8x squared?

5x2 + 3x + 8x2 = 13x2 + 3x = x(13x + 3)

How do you do 3X squared plus 18 plus 9?

The given expression can be simplified to: 3X squared +27

What does 12x squared plus 18 divided by 3x squared plus six equal?

(12x2 + 18) / (3x2 + 6) = (4x2 + 6) / (x2 + 2)

9 x squared plus 3 x divided by 3 x?

9x2 + 3x / 3x equals (3x + 1).9x2 + 3x divided by x is 9x + 3 , and then divided by 3 yields the 3x +1.

What is 9x divided by 3x squared?


How do you factor 9x squared plus 12x plus 4 - y squared?

(3x - y+ 2)(3x + y + 2)

What is 2x squared plus x squared?


What is 3x squared plus 7x plus 2?


How do you factor 5x cubed minus 3x squared plus 2x equals 0?

5x3 - 3x2 + 2x = x*(5x2 - 3x + 2) The quadratic has no real factors.

Factor 3x squared plus 6xy plus 3y squared?

(3x + 3y)(x + y) = 3(x + y)2

What is the answer to 5x squared plus 3x squared plus 9?

The given expression can be simplified to: 8x squared +9

What is the factor of 3x squared plus 16x plus 5?

(3x + 1)(x + 5)