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Q: What is the antilog of -6.4?
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Antilog of 6?

Value of AntiLog (6) is 1,000,000.00

How do you get the antilog of a number?

Raise 10 to the power of the number. The antilog of 2 is 102 = 100 The antilog of 5 is 105 = 10,000 The antilog of 'pi' is 103.1416 = 1,385.46 (rounded)

How do you work out x3 plus 1 equals 65?

Subtract 1 from each side: x3 = 64; You might know that 4 cubed is 64, but if you don't then take log 64, divide it by 3 and take the antilog of your answer...

How do you find antilog of any number in scientific calculator?

how to find antilog(20/2) answer

How do you calculate antilog of 13.309?

It is 1013.309 . If your pocket calculator doesn't do 10x then you use antilog tables. It's a big number. 1013 x antilog of 0.309 might be more handy.

What is the antilog of 2.068?

Assuming base-10 logarithms the antilog of 2.068 is 116.95 (to two decimal places).

What is the antilog of 3?


What is the antilog of 2.3909?


How do you get decimal point in anti-log?

The answer is easy if you are familiar with scientific notation. The antilog of a number, whose integer part is n, has 10n in its scientific notation. Otherwise: the number that you want the antilog for will normally be in decimal form: consisting of an integer part, a decimal point and a fractional part. The number of integer digits in the antilog is one more than the integer part of the number being "antilogged" (exponentiated). antilog(0.1234) = 1.3286*100 = 1.3286 antilog(1.1234) = 1.3286*101 = 13.286 antilog(5.1234) = 1.3286*105 = 132860 antilog(-3.1234) = 1.3286*10-3 = 0.0013286

How do you find the anti log of 1.0913?

The value of antilog(1.0913) depends on the base to which the logarithm was taken. Antilog(1.0913) = Base1.0913. The two most common bases are e = 2.71828 (approx) and 10. If the base was e, then antilog(1.0913) = e1.0913 = 2.978 If the base was 10, then antilog(1.0913)= 101.0913 = 12.340

What is the antilog of 0.176?

1.49968 (rounded)

What is the antilog of -7.41?


How do you get the decimal point in antilog?

If a number has an antilog whose integer part is n, then the number has n-1 digits before the decimal point.

What is the antilog of 2.8?

102.8 = 630.9573 This assumes that the base for the logs is 10. If the base was e then it is likely that "exp" would be used instead of "antilog"

What the molarity of a solution of HCl if it's pH equals 2.1?

Use the formula: antilog (-pH) = antilog (-2.1)= 0.0079 M or 7.9 x 10 ^-3 M (to get antilog hit 2nd button then log. Screen should have 10^(

What is the antilog of -2.0669?

0.008572 (rounded)

How do you find mean difference in antilog?


How do you find antilog of 0.8024?

Antilog 0.8024 = 100.8024 = 6.3445 In more advanced mathematics, logarithms would be to the base e, but I expect that is not the case here.

What is antilog amplifier?

An antilog amplifier is also known as a logarithmic converter. This means that the input voltage is multiplied by a set number in order to obtain the output voltage.

How to find antilog in Excel?

Excel has no AntiLog function. However, it's just a simple calculation:- Assuming base 10, the antilog of x is 10^x. 10^x = z is the same as LOG(z) = x e.g. LOG10(100) = 2 or LOG(100,10) = 2 The antilog of 2 is 10^2 = 100 If the 2 was in the cell A5, then the formula could be: =10^A5

How to find antilog negative number?

If it is log to the base 10, use the calculator to find 10 to that power. If it is log to the base e, use the calculator to find e to that power. Both the above are standard functions on all scientific calculators and are easy to work out on spreadsheets. Alternatively, you can find the antilog of the absolute value and then find the reciprocal. Thus antilog(-3.5) = 1/antilog(3.5) etc.

What is the equivalent function to antilog in Excel?

The POWER function.

The square root of 90?


What is the flat surface of the clock called?


What is the answer of antilog of 7.98?

Roughly 95,499,258.6