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Measures of motion (displacement, velocity, acceleration) and forces are all vectors so any study involving these would require vector calculus.

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Q: What is the application for vector calculus?
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What is application of vector calculus in engineering?

It is used to position an object in3D

What are the engineering applications of vector calculus?

in which field vector calculus is applied deeply

What is the differentence between calculus and vector calculus?

Hence the reason for why it is called Vector Calculus, Vector Calc. is simply an expansion in the calculus subject are in math. It deals with Taylor's Formula (in calc 2 you learn the taylor polynomial and the taylor series), theorems from Green, Gauss, and Stokes, and much more.

What has the author Richard H Crowell written?

Richard H. Crowell has written: 'Calculus of vector functions' -- subject(s): Vector analysis 'Calculus with analytic geometry' -- subject(s): Analytic Geometry, Calculus

What has the author H K Nickerson written?

H. K. Nickerson has written: 'Advanced calculus, by H.K. Nickerson, D.C. Spencer and N.E. Steenrod' -- subject(s): Calculus, Vector analysis 'Advanced calculus' -- subject(s): Calculus, Vector analysis

Applications of vector calculus in engineering?

Electromagnetic fields, gravitational fields and fluid flow. If you are an engineer you will come across vector calculus to handle three dimensional space.

What are the electronics and communication engineering applications of vector calculus?

The theory of radio waves and waveguides is explained in terms of equations in the form of vector calculus. Examples are Maxwell's equations.

Applications of vector calculus in electrical engineering?

Vector calculus is applied in electrical engineering especially with the use of electromagnetics. It is also applied in fluid dynamics, as well as statics.

Why vector calculus are used in mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering usually deals with forces and their effects on materials. Forces are vectors and so, to study their effects you need to use vector calculus.

What has the author Thomas H Barr written?

Thomas H. Barr has written: 'Vector calculus' -- subject(s): Vector analysis 'Naval Warfare Analysis Experiment' -- subject(s): Management 'Multivariable calculus'

What is sliding vector?

A vector whose direction (angles) and line of application are fixed, but whose point of application is not fixed.

What are 2 mathematical contributions that Isaac Newton made?

calculus and vector algebra