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Q: What is the application of the theory of connectionism?
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What is the essence of Theory of Connectionism?


The law of readiness is based on a priciple of learning which states thatpeople learn best when?

When they are ready to participate (as discussed in E. Thorndike's Theory of Connectionism).

What has the author Terence Horgan written?

Terence Horgan has written: 'Making Materialism' 'Connectionism and the philosophy of psychology' -- subject(s): Connectionism, Cognition, Philosophy of mind, Psychology and philosophy

What are the implications of the classroom management of thorndike's theory of connectionism?

Thorndike's theory of connectionism in classroom management implies that students' behavior can be shaped by reinforcements and punishments. This suggests that teachers should use positive reinforcements, such as rewards and praise, to encourage desired behavior, while using punishments sparingly and only when necessary. It also emphasizes the importance of providing clear and consistent expectations, as well as opportunities for students to practice and reinforce new skills and knowledge.

Concept and application on learning curve theory?

cost accounting concept and application on learning curve theory to be anwered

What is the application of abdellah's theory in nursing theory?

Abdellah theory's application with regard to nursing theory is based using a problem solving approach. If the typology of 21 nursing problems are identified then it gives bases to organising nursing care for the patient

What is the application of science to help people called?


When is probability theory used in statistics?

All the time. Statistic is based on the application of probability theory!

Who is the author of the following quote Theory without application feels empty Application without theory is blind Reason is their devoted matchmaker laboring in the temple of the mind?


Is computationalism - the view that the human mind ought to be conceived as an information processing system and that thought is a form of computation- a scientific or philosophical topic?

Both, just like connectionism is. In fact the computational theory of mind got its start as a philosophical topic as many theories of mind have.

What is teletraffic engineering?

Teletraffic engineering is the application of traffic engineering theory to telecommunications.

What are the Uses of Beta and gamma functions?

Application in String theory in Quantum Mechanics