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Pi is about 3.14159265. You can round that to as many or as few significant digits are are appropriate for a particular application.

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Q: What is the approximate value for pi as a rational expression?
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What Value of pi comes from what ratio?

Pi is not a rational number, that is, it can not exactly be expressed as the ratio of two integers. Of course you can approximate it through rational numbers, like 3.14, or 22/7.

What is the appromiximate value of pi?

The approximate value of pi is 3.14159265.

What was the approximate value of PI?


What is the approximate value of pi upto fivedecimal places?

The approximate value of pi up to the fifth decimal place is 3.14159

Who approximate the value of pi?

3.14 or 3.142

What is 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971?

ฯ€-Pi ฯ€=3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971

What are the approximate value of pi given at various times of development?

I Think the value of pi is 3.1416 ...

What is use of 3.14 in circle?

It is an approximate value for pi

What is the approximate value of the mathematical constant pi?


What is equivalent to ratio 3.14?

3.14 is the approximate value of pi.

How do you find the approximate value of pi?

3.14 or 22/7

Is 10 times pi rational?

No because the value of pi as regards to a circle is an irrational number

Why pi is a irretional number while their value is 22 upon 7?

22/7 is only an approximate value of pi

How can you get the approximate value of pi?

Depends on how approximate is acceptable. The approximation of 22/7 is often quoted.

Why the value of pie is 227?

Because 22/7 is the approximate value of pi as a fraction but the exact value of pi has never been determined.

What is the value of pi as a fraction?

You can't write pi accurately as a fraction, but you can approximate it with 22/7.

What approximation of pi was used by the egyptians?

The approximate value of pi used by the ancient Egyptians was 3.16

Is The value ฯ€ a rational number?

The symbol for pi is not a rational number because it can't be expressed as a fraction

What is the approximate value of pi correct to two decimal places?


What is the approximate value of pi up to 5 decimal places?


Is e to the pi rational?

e^pi ~ 23.14069.............., not rational

What rational value of Pi used by any ancient civilizations?


What is the approximate area of a circle with a radius of 7?

In a circle the area is A=pi*r2 so: A=pi*72 = pi*49 = 153.9380 So, an approximate value would be 153.94 square units

Why is pi rational?

Pi is not rational it is irrational because it does not stop or repeat

Is 3.14 a rational or irrational number?

3.14 is a rational number pi is not. pi is not 3.14