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Q: What is the area between osteons are filled in with what lamellae?
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Area of bone that is made up of osteons?

compact bone

What is the reason for increased surface area in chloroplasts?

The stroma is an area inside the chloroplast with a thylakoid stack. The stacks are connected by the stroma lamellae and maximize the efficiency of the chloroplasts.

What is the area between the nucleus and the plasma membrane that is filled with fluid-like gel?


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Fluid-filled red bumps that occur on the back, between the shoulder blade area, could be one of two things. They could be body acne or cysts.

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The vacuole

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What does abscessed mean?

It means a swollen area between body tissue that has accumulated pus.

How is respetory gas exchange maximised in fish gills?

Gills are composed of thousands of filaments which are covered in lamellae (only a few cells thick and contain blood capillaries). This creates a large surface area and a short distance for gas exchange.