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china's area in square miles is 1,100,100 miles square.

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Q: What is the area in square miles and population in china?
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What is the area and population of China?

The population of China is 1,338,612,968 and the area is 3,704,427 square miles.

Is china bigger than US in size?

China has a land area of 3,705,407 square miles, and a population of approx 1,376,049,000 people.The US has a land area of 3,805,927 square miles, and a population of approx 322,369,000 people.Therefore in land area China is slightly smaller, in population China is much bigger.

What is that area of china in square miles?

3,694,959.4 square miles

How big is China's livable area in square miles?

The livable area of China in miles squared is 3,696,100 square miles. That is about 9.33 million square kilometers. Most of China is inhabited.

What are land areas in square miles from china?

China's land area is 3,600,950 square miles.

Paraguay population and area in square miles?

Paraguay - Population: about 6,347,900 / Area: 157,046.99 square miles.

What is the area of China in square miles?

According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, the area of China is 3,696,100 square miles.Read more about China on via the Related Link.China has an area of 3,704,427 square miles.

What in square miles is china?

China's area is about 3.748 million sq miles.

Area of china compared to Australia?

China's land area is over 9.5 million square miles. Australia's land area is around 7.7 million square miles. Not only is Australia smaller than China in a size comparison, but the population of Australia is much smaller than China's.

How many square miles china has in it?

China has an area of 3.748 million sq miles.

What is the total land area of china?

China's area is 3,692,674 square miles 9.6 million square kilometers.

Which is larger in land area China or Russia?

Russia is larger in land area. Russia is 6,592,800 square miles and China is 3,969,100 square miles.

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