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14 feet squared

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Q: What is the area of 2ft X 7ft x 1ft?
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How many gallons of water in a aquarium which is 7ft x 2ft x 2ft?


How much water does a 2ft by 1ft by 1ft tank hold?

This tank contains V = 2ft x 1ft x 1ft = 3ft3. Alternatively: V = 0.76m x 0.38m x 0.38m = 0.110m3 = 110dm3 = 110 litres.

How many sq ft are in 7ft?

You need to redefine your question. Square footage is a measurement of area whereas "7ft" is a measurement of length. The question makes no sense. Taken at face value, there are 7 square feet in 7 feet. 1ft x 1ft = 1ft.

How many feet are 85 inches?

1ft = 12in 85in x 1ft/12in = 7.083333... = 7ft, 1in

How do you convert square feet to inches?

square feet are converted to square inches by multiplying by 144. IE... 1ft x 1ft = 1sf. 1sf = 144 si. 2ft x 2ft = 4sf = 576si

How big is 2 sq feet?

288 sq inches... or an area 1ft x 2ft It's roughly 2 sq ft

How tall am i in centimeters if Im 7'5?

1ft = 30.48cm so 7ft x (30.48cm/1ft) = 213.36cm 5in x (2.54cm/1in) = 12.7cm 213.36 + 12.70 = 226.06cm

What dimensions would equal 14000 cubic feet?

In terms of an oblong: 6in x 1ft x 28000ft 1ft x 1ft x 14000ft 1ft x 2ft x 7000ft 2ft x 2ft x 3500ft 20ft x 20ft x 35ft The above it not exhaustive - any three lengths that multiply together to create 14000cu ft will work. Other three dimensional shapes are equally possibly, eg pyramids (volume = 1/3 x base_area x height), cylinders (volume = {pi} x radius_base2 x height), as long as their volume is 14000cu ft.

What is the length and width of a rectangle if the area is 48 square feet?

There are many answers to this question... L x W = A 1ft x 48ft = 48ft2 2ft x 24ft = 48ft2 3ft x 16ft = 48ft2 4ft x 12ft = 48ft2 6ft x 8ft = 48ft2 8ft x 6ft = 48ft2 16ft x 3ft = 48ft2 12ft x 4ft = 48ft2 24ft x 2ft = 48ft2 48ft x 1ft = 48ft2

How big is 7 square feet?

depends if you mean 1) 7 x 1ft. sq. OR 2) 7ft. sq

How many yards are in a box that is 8 foot X 7 foot X 2 foot?

One cubic yard is 3 ft x 3 ft x 3ft (e.g. 27 cubic feet). 8ft x 7ft = 56sqft 56sqft x 2ft = 112cuft 112 / 27 = 4.148 So 8ft x 7ft x 2ft = 4.148 cubic yards

What is 3 yards 2 feet equal how many inches?

3yards x 3ft/1yard +2ft= 11ft x 12inches/1ft = 132inches

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