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According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, the area of China is 3,696,100 square miles.

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China has an area of 3,704,427 square miles.

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Q: What is the area of China in square miles?
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What is the area in square miles and population in china?

china's area in square miles is 1,100,100 miles square.

How big is China's livable area in square miles?

The livable area of China in miles squared is 3,696,100 square miles. That is about 9.33 million square kilometers. Most of China is inhabited.

What is that area of china in square miles?

3,694,959.4 square miles

What are land areas in square miles from china?

China's land area is 3,600,950 square miles.

What in square miles is china?

China's area is about 3.748 million sq miles.

Which is larger in land area China or Russia?

Russia is larger in land area. Russia is 6,592,800 square miles and China is 3,969,100 square miles.

How many square miles china has in it?

China has an area of 3.748 million sq miles.

What is the area and population of China?

The population of China is 1,338,612,968 and the area is 3,704,427 square miles.

What is the total land area of china?

China's area is 3,692,674 square miles 9.6 million square kilometers.

Is China bigger then the us?

China covers an area of 3.748 million square miles. The United States has an area of 3.794 million square miles. China is only slightly smaller than the US.

How large square miles or square kilometers is china?

China covers an area of 3.748 million sq miles (9.707 million km²).

What is the square area of China?

China's area is 3.748 million sq miles (9.707 million km²).

Which country has larger land Russia or China.?

The land area of China is 9,596,961 square kilometers or 3,705,407 square miles. The land area of Russia is 17,098,242 square kilometers or 6,592,800 square miles. This makes Russia not only larger than China, but the largest country by land area in the world.

How large is the north china plain?

The North China Plain covers an area of about 158,100 square miles (409,500 square kilometers).

What is the area of south china sea?

The South China sea covers an area of approximately 1,400,000 square miles.

How many square miles is shanghai china?

Shanghai ยท Area 6,341 kmยฒ

What is the area of the Taklamakan Desert in China?

The Taklamakan Desert is 270,000 square kilometers or 105,000 square miles in area.

Area of china compared to Australia?

China's land area is over 9.5 million square miles. Australia's land area is around 7.7 million square miles. Not only is Australia smaller than China in a size comparison, but the population of Australia is much smaller than China's.

What is the area of China?

Area of China: 9,640,821 km2 (3,765,945 square miles) or 9,671,018 km2 (3,777,741 square miles), depending on whether the administrative regions of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan are taken into consideration.

Which is larger China or Russia?

Russia is larger than China. Russia's land area is around 6.5 million square miles, while China's measures in at around 3.7 million square miles.

How many times larger than Australia is china?

China is 1.25 times larger than Australia. China's total area is 3,705,407 square miles compared to Australia's 2,969,907 square miles.

China square miles?

China - 3,705,405.45 square miles.

What is the size of Ireland compared to China?

China has an area of 3,706,581 square miles. Divide that by Ieland's 31,520 square miles, and you have it! China is 117 times bigger than Ireland.

How big is the East China Sea?

It covers an area of 482,000 square miles or 1,249,000 square kilometers.

How much is 1800600 square miles or is there a country that doubles that?

The country with approximately double that area is China with 3,705,405.45 square miles.

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