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64.95 sq metres.

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Q: What is the area of a hexagon if one edge is 5 meters?
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If the surface area of a cube is MM what is the length of one edge?

I think you left out a number.If the surface area is x square meters, the side length is sqrt(x/6) meters.

How do you calculate an area of a hexagon?

If it is a regular hexagon then make 6 triangles then find the area of one then multiply by 6.

What is the perimeter of a hexagon if one edge is 5m?

The perimeter of the hexagon will be 30m (5m x 6 edges = 6 x 5 = 30m)

What is the perimerter of a hexegon if one edge is 5m?

A hexagon has 6 sides, so, if one edge = 5m, 6x5 = 30 so your answer is 30 m

What is the area of a hexagon with a one inch diameter?


Area of a hexagon?

Length of one side squared x 1.5 x square root of 3, for a REGULAR hexagon.

Formula of area and perimeter of a hexagon?

for perimeter add up the lengths of the six sides and for area divide the hexagon into six equilateral triangle, find the area of one, and multiply the product by six

How do i convert square meter into length and width?

A square meter is a unit of area. Suppose we only consider quadrilaterals of a given area, say 16 square meters. This is the area of the following rectangles (among others): 1 by 16 meters, 2 by 8, 4 by 4 (a square), 8 by 2, and 16 by 1. So to convert an area in square meters into a length and width pair, choose an edge length, and divide the area by that length to get the other edge length. Another example: Suppose we have a rectangle whose area is 20 square meters. Take one edge to be 5 meters, so you get 20/5 = 4 meters as its other edge.

What is the area of a hexagon if one side is 5cm?

It is not possible to answer a question given only the length of one side of a hexagon unless we are told it is a regular hexagon. I added a link that lets you calculate areas of regular polygons.

What is the area of a regular decagon with a side length of 6 meters?

The formula for determining the area of a decagon is A = 2.5dt where t is the length of one edge and d is the distance between two parallel sides

Area formula of hexagon?

We first need to assume it is a regular hexagon, otherwise the rules will not apply. If we let L be the length of one side of the hexagon, the the area A = 3(√(3))/2 multiplied by L2 or A=(3(√3)/2)×L2

What is a hexagons area?

If you have the length of one of the sides, or the perimeter, use the length of one of the sides, and multiply it by the radius of the hexagon, divided by 2. Multiply this by 6 for the total area of a hexagon. s * r /2 * 6 = area_of_hexagon.