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C'mon now. Area = length x width (elementary school, right?). Then get out your calculator.

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Q: What is the area of a mirror measuring 43ft by 712ft?
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What is the area of a right triangle with a hypotenuse measuring 26 and one leg measuring 10?

The area is 120 units2

What are you measuring when you find the area of a rectangle?

Its surface area.

What is the area of Mirror Lake State Park?

The area of Mirror Lake State Park is 554,419.3298688 square meters.

What are some reasons for measuring area and perimeter?

Area and perimeter can be used for measuring things such as lawns (for lawn care) or an area of ground for cement (to order the cement)

What is the instrument for measuring AREA?


Why convex mirror is preferred as driver's mirror?

convex mirrors are preferred as drivers mirror because they reflect more area than plain or concave mirror.

What is the area of a calendar measuring 18 inches by 12 inches?

A rectangle measuring 18 by 12 inches has an area of 216 square inches.

What is a square foot?

It is a mostly obsolete unit for measuring area. The area is equivalent to that of a square measuring 1 foot along each side.

What is the purpose of measuring volume of an area?

to measure volume the object must be three dimensional. the purpose of measuring the volume of an area is to know its capacity

What do you do to get area after measuring length and height?

What is the question?

What was trigonometry created for?

Measuring land area.

What is the area of a circular mirror with a radius of 38 inches?

To find the area of a circle you use the equation: A=pi*r2 So, you would find the area of the circular mirror by plugging in the numbers. Area=3.14*(38)2 Area=4534.16 in2

A circular frame that is 3 inches wide surrounds the mirror what is the combined area in square inches of the mirror and frame?

Assuming it is a circular mirror, let the radius of the mirror be R inches. Then the combined radius is R + 3 inches → Combined area is π × (R + 3)² square inches. [If you know the radius of the mirror, substitute its value for R in the above formula and you will get the area in square inches. If the mirror is another shape, you'll have to reask your question with more information.]

What is the Si for measuring area?

square meters maybe?

What are metric units for measuring area?

Square metre.

What are you measuring when you are looking for the area?

lenght times the width

What is the area of a diameter measuring 8.4 centimeters?


What has an area of four square centimeters?

A square measuring 2 centimeters on a side. For reference, a square measuring 1 inch on a side has an area of about 6.45 square centimeters.

What is the formula for measuring area within a given perimeter such as a square?

The formula for measuring the area of a square is s2, where s is the length of one of the sides. The perimeter would be 4s.

Find the area of a rectangle measuring 25feet long by 8 feet wide?

200ft squared

What is the difference of perimeter and area?

Perimeter is around the object youre measuring and area is the inside.

What is the area of a rectangle measuring 11cm by 6cm?

Area = 11*6 = 66 cm2

Why do you use convex mirror as rear view mirror?

As it shows a larger part of area in a smaller and nearer way.

In a condominium, a paved area is shaped like a circle with a diameter measuring 10 m?


Can a rectangle have a smaller perimeter and also a greater area?

Yes. For instance, the rectangle measuring 1 by 10 has a perimeter of 22 and an area of 10, whereas the rectangle measuring 4 by 4 has a perimeter of 16 and an area of 16.