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The area of rectangle is : 35.0

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Q: What is the area of a rectangle with length 7 cm and width 5cm?
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What is the area of a rectangle 5cm long by 1cm wide?

Area of a rectangle= Length * width Length= 5cm Width= 1cm Area=5cm *1cm =5cm2

How do you find the area of a rectangular base?

In order to find the area of a rectangle, multiply the length by the width of the rectangle. For example: If the length of a rectangle is 5cm and the width of a rectangle is 2cm, then the area of the rectangle would be 5cm X 2cm = 10cm².

How do you get the answer to the area of a square with 5cm?

The area of a rectangle is length x width. In the special case of a square, length is the same as width, so you multiply (in this case) 5 x 5.

What is the are of a rectangle 5cm by 10cm?

If you mean area, then, the area of a rectangle is width * height. So...50cm^2.

How do you calculate area in a square?

Multiply the length of any side by itself ("square" it). To find the are of any rectangle, including a square you multiply the length by the width, e.g. if it is a 5cm square the area is 5x5=25cm2. If it's a rectangle with a 3cm x 5cm the area is 3x5 = 15cm2.

How do you get the area of something?

you times the length by the width, say if a square was 7cm in length and 5cm in width, the area would be 35cm.

What is area square centimetres of a rectangle with length 7cm and width 5cm?

Multiply the two numbers together - and you get 35 cm2

What is the solution in this problem find the perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 5Cm less than twice its width its width is 15Cm?


What is the width and length of a rectangle if the perimeter is 50 and the length is 5 cm more than the width?

Perimeter = 2 lengths and 2 widths In your case length + width = 25cm If length is 5cm more than width then length = 15cm and width = 10cm

The perimeter of a rectangle is 35cm its width is 5cm how long is the rectangle?


Could you draw a rectangle with an area of 5cm?

Yes, the lenght and/or width would have to be 2.5cm by 2cm

The length of a textbook is 5cm and the width is 2cm Find the area of the textbook?


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