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a line "a side" does not have an are because it is one-dimensional. A better question might be "what is the side length of a square that is 125 cm squared" In which case the side length would be the square root of 125 or 5*square root of 5.

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Q: What is the area of a side if the length is a 125 cm squared?
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What is the side length if a cube is 125 cubed?

The side length of a cube with a volume of 125 units cubed is: 5 units.

If the volume of a cube is 125 find the length of one of the face diagonals of the cube?

find the cube root of 125(which is 5) is the length of one side do Pythagorean theorem to find the diagonal 5squared plus 5 squared=50 square root of 50=7.07106781 is diagonal

What is the area of a rectangle with a width of 50 feet and a length of 125 feet?

area = length x width = 125 x 50 = 6250 square feet

Calculate the surface area volume and ratio of surface area to volume of an imaginary cubic cell measuring 5 mm on each side?

A cube's volume is denoted by side length cubed. This side length is 5 mm, so: V = 5*5*5 V = 5^3 V = 125 cubic mm The surface area of a cube is denoted by 6(s^2) Where s is the side length. SA = 6(5^2) SA = 6(25) SA = 150 sq. mm The ratio of surface area to volume is 150:125 = 6:5

What is the length of a side of a cube whose volume is 125 cubic centimeters?

The side length is 5 centimeters. The volume of 5 centimeters times 5 centimeters times 5 centimeters = 125 cubic centimeters.

If cube has a volume of 125 cubic inches a What is the length of one edge b What is the surface area of the cube?

The length of one edge is the cube root of 125. So one edge is 5cm3 The surface area of a cube is 6s2 with s being the length of one side, so 6(52) is a surface area of 150 inches

Which is the side length of a cube with a volume of 125 mm to the third power?

It is 5 cm.

What is the lenghth of ea side of a hexagon if it is 20 in. from flat to flat?

Since the "slices" of an equilateral hexagon are equilateral triangles, the Pythagorean theorem will solve this problem: A squared plus B squared equals C squared, where A and B are the sides at right angle to each other and C is the hypoteneuse (long side). Slice a 10 inch tall equilateral triangle down the middle. The height A is 10 inches; the base B (1/2 of A) is 5 inches. 10 squared equals 100; 5 squared equals 25. Therefore, the length of each side of the equilateral triangle is the square root of 125, or approximately 11.18 inches. This is also the length of the sides of the hexagon in question.

What is the volume of a cube with side lengths of 5ft?

A cube with a side length of 5 feet has a volume of 125 cubic feet.

If a cube has a volume of 125 cubic centimeters how long does each side measure?

Each side is 5 cm in length

How do you find the hypotenuse of a trinagle given two side lengths?

If you're given two side lengths but you need to find the hypotenuse, use this formula:a2+ b2 = c2For example...( length a=5 ; length b= 10)a2 + b2 = c252 + 102 = c225 + 100 = c2125 = c2since c is squared, you find the square root of c(125)the square root of 125 is 11.1803399... round it to 11.2, and that's the hypotenusealso, in order to check that you answer is appropriate, the hypotenuse is always bigger than the two other side lengths.

What is the Radius of a circle with an area of 125 inches?

The formula for area of a circle is: A = pi * r2 (area equals pi times radius squared) There fore if you plug in the numbers you know (pi = 3.14) you get 125 = 3.14 * r2 39.8 = r2 r = 6.31 inches