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A square with a side length of 5 centimeters has an area of 25 square centimeters.

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Q: What is the area of a square that is 5 centimeters across?
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What is the Area of a circle whose radius is 5 centimeters?

For a radius of 5 centimeters the area are 78.53981633974483 square centimeters.

If a area has an area of 80 square centimeters and a base of 5 centimeters what is its height?


What is the area of a circle with radius 5 centimeters?

Area = pi R2 = 25 pi = 78.54 square centimeters(rounded)

What is the area of a square with a perimeter of 20 centimeters?

The area of square is : 400.0

What is the area of cube with an edge of 5 centimeters?

150 square centimeter.

What is the area of a rectangle if the base is 23 centimeters and one of the sides is 5 centimeters?

23*5 = 115 square centimetres.

What is the area of a square 10 centimeters 5 centimeters and 8 centimeters?

The question does not make any sense since a square cannot have three measures associated with it.

What is the area for 5 by 7 square centimeters?

5cm * 7cm = 35cm sq.

What is the difference between 5 square centimeters and 5 centimeters square?

there isn't one

What is the area of 5centimeters wide 10cenimeters long?

5*10 = 50 square centimeters

What is the perimeter of a square if it has an area of 36 square centimeters?

A = s Perimeter of a square is equal to 4 times a side measurement. Area of a square is side times side or side squared. P =4s A = s2 36 = s2 (36).5 = (s2).5 6 = s P = 4s P = 4 (6) P = 24 A square with an area of 36 square centimeters has a perimeter of 24 centimeters.

A trapezoid has bases of 7 centimeters and 5 centimeters and a height of 3 centimeters What is its area?

The formula for area a is height X average of the two parallel bases of the trapezoid. In this instance, a = 3[(7 + 5)/2] = 18 square centimeters.

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