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Standard brick dimensions are 215x102.5x65mm.

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Q: What is the area of one brick?
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How do you calulate the surface area of the brick and its volume?

To calculate the surface area of a brick, you would find the surface area for each of the 6 sides, then add them together. To find the surface area of one of the faces/sides, you would multiply the length of the face in question by the width of that same face. If this is a regular brick, then the sides should match up, meaning if you do one side, then the opposite side should be the same surface area. To find the volume, you multiply the height of the brick by the length of the brick by the width of the brick.

What is the area of Ashfield Brick Pits?

The area of Ashfield Brick Pits is 6,000.0 square meters.

Is the pressure exerted by a brick on its side or end more or less?

It is if a brick rests on a table the force with which the brick pushes on the table is its weight. The pressure it exerts on the contact area depends on the brick's orientation. If the contact area between brick and table is larger, the brick exerts less pressure on the contact area.

One brick weight is one kilogram and half a brick heavy what is the weight of one brick?

1 kilogram

How do you calculate the number of bricks in a wall?

To do this you would need to know the area of a brick and the area of the wall. Then you divide the area of the wall by the area of a brick. There are approximately 60 bricks per square metre.

What is the average area size of a brick?


How many brick will you need if the area ofa patio is 600 square feet and one brick is 4''x8''?

2700 4" x 8" bricks (plus 10% waste)

Who is brick and lace and which one is Brick and which one is Lace?

lace is the on whos has light brow hair the other one is brick(L)

How many bricks required if area of a patio is 1800 square feet and one brick is 48 inches?


How many syllables in brick?

brick has one syllable.

How tall is one brick?

it depends on what type of brick it is

What is the surface area of a brick?

79cm sqaured on average