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17 degrees kelvin

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2012-06-02 18:30:45
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Q: What is the area of the batters circle minus the area of each batters box and catchers box and umpire box?
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How do you verify if a point lies on a circle?

If ... the square of (the x-coordinate of the point minus the x-coordinate of the center of the circle) added to the square of (the y-coordinate of the point minus the y-coordinate of the center of the circle) is equal to the square of the circle's radius, then the point is on the circle.

What is length of the radius of the circle. The points and 8203(minus and minus1111 and 8203minus and minus44 and 8203) and and 8203(55 and 820355 and 8203) are the endpoints of the diameter of a circ?

The points ​(minus−1111​,minus−44​) and ​(55​,55​) are the endpoints of the diameter of a circle. Find the length of the radius of the circle.

How do you calculate the pitch circle diameter?

circle diameter minus center of pitch cirlce raius

What is Circle minus square equals triangle?

It is probably a quiz question with nothing to do with mathematics.

What is the rarest uglydoll?

the rarest uglydoll is minus a cute red uglydoll with a circle on its head

How do you make a om sign?

Draw a circle more then half (75%), after that draw the minus sign on both sides of the end point of the circle. Note:- The end points of the circle must be on bottom side.

Y minus 12 less than -10?


What is the area enclosed by a chord of a circle?

The area enclosed by a chord is equal to the area enclosed by a segment minus the area enclosed by the triangle with the same corners as the segment. To visualise it, draw a circle and put a chord on it. Label the chord AB and the centre of the circle C. The area of sector AB equal to the area of sector ABC minus the area of triangle ABC.

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle with a semi circle attached to it?

add the perimeter of the rectangle, minus the side that'c covered by the semi circle. then, find the circumference of the semi circle [diameter x pi, divided by 2] and addd them together

Draw a diagram of Rutherford model of an atom?

a circle is there in which electrons that is electrons are revolving which are negatively charged and an atom is there in which minus sign is there.

Where is the center of the circle given by the equation x plus 5 2 plus y minus 3 2?


What is the area of a walk that is 3' wide that is around a circular fountain that is 10 feet in diameter?

Area of outer circle minus area of inner circle: 132.7322896 - 78.53981634 = 54.19247327 square feet

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