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Anything up to 154.06 sq feet.

The above value is attained by a circular garden. A quadrilateral garden has a maximum area of 121 sq feet but the minimum is as close to zero as you wish.

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Q: What is the area of the garden with 44 feet of fencing?
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How many feet of fencing do you need to enclose a 44 ft rectangle?

Since the only number given in the question is a linear measure, it must refer to the perimeter of the rectangle: it cannot refer to its area. So, number of feet of fencing required to enclose a rectangle with a 44 ft perimeter is 44 ft! That is what a perimeter means!

what- a rectangular garden measures 3 feet by 15 feet. The gardener decides to extend the garden 1 foot in each of the four directions.What is the perimeter of the new garden in feet?


A perimeter of a square room is 44 feet What is the area of the room?

if the perimeter is 44 feet and the room is square then each wall is 11 feet (four walls x 11 =44) The area is the length x breadth, in this case 11 x 11 = 121 square feet

What is the country code and area code of Garden Route South Africa?

The country code and area code of Garden Route, South Africa is 27, (0)44.

How many patio slabs 44 cm by 44 cm would be need for area 10 feet by 13 feet?

You will need 63 44cm x 44cm slabs to cover that area.

What is the perimeter of a square with an area of 121 feet?

44 the sides are 11 and add them up and it is 11x4 or just 44

How many square feet is in an 11x4 feet wall?

You have to multiply the two dimensions to get the area. In this case the answer will be 44 square feet.

How many yards of concrete do I need for an area of 44 feet by 24 feet with a depth of 6 inches?


What is the exact area of a circle with a diameter of 44 ft?

Area: pi*222 = 484*pi square feet

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 11 feet long and altiude of 8 feet?

Area = 0.5 * base * altitude = 0.5*11*8 = 44 sq ft

How many square feet is 44 feet by 44 feet?

1936 square feet

How many square feet in a circle with a diameter of 44 inches?

Area of a circe = (pi)r2 Converting inches to feet. 44 inches = 3.666 ft (pi)(3.666)2= 42.24ft2