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Base = x + 4

Altitude = 4*base = 4*(x+4)

Area = 0.5*base*altitude = 0.5*(x+4)*4*(x+4) = 2*(x+4)2

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Q: What is the area of triangle if the base is x plus 4 and the altitude is 4 times its base?
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A triangle has an area of 144 sq inches and its base is 2 ft long What is the altitude of the triangle?

First convert the base to the same kind of units you have defined the area in (but linear); 24 inches. The area of a triangle is half of the base times the height .12 (half the base) times what is 144?12, the height (altitude) of the triangle is 12 inches (one foot).

What is the area of a triangle with base 16 cm and altitude to that base of 8 cm?

The area of triangle is : 64.0

What is the formula for area of a base and area of a triangle?

A base is normally a line and therefore has no area; the area of a triangle is half of base x altitude.

Area of a equilateral triangle?

Area = 0.5*base*altitude

How do you find the altitude of a triangle?

altitude(height)=(Area * 2) /length(Base)

How do you calculate the altitude of a triangle?

Let the given area is 10cm. Base of the triangle is 4 cm. altitude of triangle=? Area= 1/2 x Base x altitude 10= 1/2 x 4x altitude 10=2 x altitude 10/2= altitude 5= altitude Hence, altitude of the triangle is 5 cm.

How do you find area of triangle with base 10 feet and altitude 9 feet?

Area of a triangle = 1/2*base*altitude in square units Area = 45 square feet

How do you calculate area of obtuse triangle?

Area = 0.5*base*altitude

What is the area of the triangle with a base of 6 and altitude of 8 meters?

Area of a triangle = (0.5) * (Base) * (Altitude) = (0.5) * (6 meters) * (8 meters) = 24 square meters

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 14 and altitude of 10?


A base of a triangle is 11 feet long and the altitude to that base is 8 feet what is the area of the triangle?

The area (A) of a triangle = 1/2 x base x altitude (or height). Area = 1/2 x 11 x 8 = 44 sq ft

What is formula of area of triangle?