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16x6 cannot have the associative property. The associative property requires two [identical] operations, applied to 3 variables. There are not enough operations nor variables/numbers in the question.

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Q: What is the associative property of 16 x 6?
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Do you rearrange numbers in a problem is it the associative property?

No. Rearranging numbers [2+3=3+2] is the commutative property. The associative property involves rearranging parentheses - (3 x 4) x 6 = 3 x (4 x 6).

What property is illustrated (4 x 6) x 3 4 x (6 x 3) is it a. zero property or b. distributive property or c. associative property?


Which property is illustrated in the problem 6 x 5 equals 5 x 6?

associative property

Is the equation 6 x (3 x 5) (6 x 3) x 5 associative property?


What is the associative property of 25 X 16?

The answer is 16 x 25, because no matter how it is written the answer will be the same. This rule also applies for addition as well as multiplication.

Is x plus y equals y plus x the associative property?

No, this is the commutative property. For addition, the associative property is: x + (y + z) = (x + y ) + z

What does commutative property and associative property mean?

The commutative property holds that the results are the same no matter the order. Multiplication is commutative since a x b = b x a. The associative property holds that the results are the same no matter the grouping as long as the order stays the same. Multiplication is associative since (a x b) x c = a x (b x c)

The Associative Property applies to which operations?


What is the associative property of 6 x 4 x 5 6 X 4 x 5?

There is no associative property displayed in the question. Limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "equals", and use brackets or parentheses.

Which properties justify that 8 x 13.1 x 0.5 equals 52.4?

The associative property of multiplication. For an example of the associative property, read on. 2 x 3 x 4= 2 x 3 x 4. Simple, huh?

How do you do the associative property?

(a x b) x c = a x (b x c)

Is 2 x 3 2 x 4 a associative property?


What is the associative property of 4x27x25?

(4X25) x 27

Is multiplication a whole numbers associative operation?

Yes. Multiplication of any real numbers has the associative property: (a x b) x c = a x (b x c)

How does the associative property help you multiply mentally?

Suppose you were trying to multiply 17 x 5 x 2. The associative property states that (17 x 5) x 2 = 17 x (5 x 2) The second one is easier to do in your head.

What is associative property of multiplcation?

(a x b) x c = a x (b x c)

What property is used by xyz equals x times yz?

This illustrates the associative property.

Is 1 x 7 equals 7 an associative property?


What property is illustrated by 45 x 0 0 is it a. zero property or b. associative property or c. commutative property?


16 x 102 in distributive property?

102 x 16 = (102 x 10) + (102 x 6)

What is 46x12x7 in associative property?

(46 x 12) x 7 = 46 x (12 x 7)

What is the property of 1.2 x 18 x 10?

It is the associative property, according to which, you do not need to specify which of the two multiplications has to be carried out first.

What is 8x5x2 in associative property or multiplication?

(8 x 5) x 2 = 8 x (5 x 2)

How do you turn x plus h divided by x into 1 plus h over x?

The associative property.

How can you show the associative property of multiplication using the numbers 2 and negative 2?

Answer: The associative property involves three numbers, not two. Of course, you can use one of the numbers more than once. For example, show, by calculation, that (2 x 2) x -2 = 2 x (2 x -2).