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that is not normal

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Q: What is the average grade for a student with rubric scores of 1 3 4 and 2?
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What is a grade point average?

the average scores a student earned in school

If you know a student's average grade can you tell what the student's individual test scores were?


How is a student's grade point average figured?

By calculating the average grade a student earned in school

How is a student grade point average figure?

By calculating the average grade a student earned in school

What are the normal test scores for third grade on Map testing?

190-195. I got those scores in 2nd grade but they should be average in 3rd grade.

How should you do scoring grading and reporting so that scores and grades are given fairly to promote learning?

There are many ways to score, grade, or report scores to fairly promote learning. One way is to make a rubric.

How is a students grade point average figured?

By calculating the average grade a student earned in school

How do you calculate your grade?

You can calculate your grade by finding the average mark of your scores in various units/subjects. The average mark is then placed against the grading system to determine the grade.

Average weight for Yr 7 student?

The weigh of an average seventh grade student is approximately fifty kilograms.

What is the average height of a high school student?

what is average height for ten grade

I am making a C plus plus program for a programming class that takes in 5 grades for 7 students averages them gets a letter grade and displays it all in a table How do you set up a table for variables?

The following example sets up a two-dimensional array, initialises it with some pseudo-random data, and then prints the table and the averages. #include<iostream> #include<time.h> int main() { const int max_students = 7; const int max_student_grades = 5; const int max_grades = 6; const char grade[max_grades]={'A','B','C','D','E','F'}; srand((unsigned) time(NULL)); // Initialise the array with pseudo-random grades: int table[max_students][max_student_grades]; for(int student=0; student<max_students; ++student) { for(int student_grade=0; student_grade<max_student_grades; ++student_grade) { table[student][student_grade] = rand()%max_grades; } } // Print the table and average the results. int overall=0; for(int student=0; student<max_students; ++student) { int average=0; std::cout<<"Student #"<<student+1; for(int student_grade=0; student_grade<max_student_grades; ++student_grade) { std::cout<<" Grade #"<<student_grade+1<<": "<<grade[table[student][student_grade]]<<", "; average+=table[student][student_grade]; } std::cout<<" Average: "<<grade[average/max_grades]<<std::endl; overall+=average; } std::cout<<"Overall average: "<<grade[overall/max_grades/max_students]<<std::endl; return(0); } Example output: Student #1 Grade #1: A, Grade #2: E, Grade #3: D, Grade #4: E, Grade #5: F, Average: C Student #2 Grade #1: E, Grade #2: D, Grade #3: E, Grade #4: E, Grade #5: E, Average: D Student #3 Grade #1: D, Grade #2: A, Grade #3: D, Grade #4: B, Grade #5: A, Average: B Student #4 Grade #1: C, Grade #2: B, Grade #3: A, Grade #4: A, Grade #5: B, Average: A Student #5 Grade #1: E, Grade #2: D, Grade #3: C, Grade #4: F, Grade #5: E, Average: D Student #6 Grade #1: C, Grade #2: D, Grade #3: A, Grade #4: F, Grade #5: A, Average: B Student #7 Grade #1: B, Grade #2: D, Grade #3: F, Grade #4: B, Grade #5: C, Average: C Overall average: C

What is the average IQ of a 7th grade American student?


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