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About 100 square feet is the averge room size for a heater to be used.

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Q: What is the average room size that any average heater works best at?
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What is the room size that the LG 7000 / 3850 - AC/ Heater works better in.?

This AC/Heater unit works best for a room size of 10 x 15.

How room heater works?

BY CONVEntional current

Does a heater work best in a long room a cubic room or a tall room?

a cubic room

Best heater for large room?

There are many space heaters on the market today. Some of the best models for larger rooms include Laskoâ??s 755320 Tower Heater and the Vornado VH110 whole room heater.

How large of a room will The Dayton G73 Heater heat?

It will heat a average size bedroom, or small living room.

What size space heater would fit in a living room or bedroom?

The size of a space heater depends on the size of a living room or bedroom. The best size for a space heater is 150 sq. ft for living rooms and bedrooms.

What is the mode of heat transfer from a room heater?

room heater warm by radiation

Why is a silver coated plate kept behind a room heater?

what is a room heater

Why would one use a ceiling fan heater?

A ceiling fan heater is a type of heater which works in the same way as a standard ceiling fan, but with a heating component. A person may want to use this type of heater if the room does not have access to central heat or any other heat source. An individual may also want to use this type of heater if there is not enough floor space for a standard room heater.

What might an electric room heater be used for?

An electric room heater may be used to heat a room when it is cold, they are commonly used in the winter. An electric room heater may also be used to discharge the heat outside and keep the house cool.

What do you use to clean a cold room?

you but a heater in side the room.

If a room heater that will heat 189 sq feet What size room would that heat?

189 square feet would be 13.5 feet wide by 14 feet long. Height of a room is based on average height.