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good question. well, it depends how fast you throw it. probably the average rock would have the speed of 60kgs.

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Q: What is the average speed of a thrown rock?
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Whats the average speed thrown in the pros?

A baseball pros fastball is on average 92 mph

Do you have to throw a curling rock?

No the weight is a prefrence the stone is pushed on ice. The term "throw" is used in curling to mean the process of sliding or "delivering" the rock down the ice. A curling rock is not actually thrown through the air in the conventional meaning of the word. A curler "throws" (slides) the rock down the ice with a certain "weight" (speed). More or "heavy" weight means the rock is thrown with more speed. Less or "light" weight means the rock is thrown with less speed. The speed of the rock does not come from arm motion, but rather the speed with which the curler slides out of the "hack" (the black foothold that looks like a starting block). A curler always releases the rock gently out of his hand. If more speed "weight" is needed, then he pushes out harder from the hack.

What is the average speed of a thrown football?

The average velocity of a thrown football is from 40 to 60 MPH. Although there has been faster velocities recorded.

What is the average speed of junior league fast pitch softball?

50- 65mph if thrown hard

A rock is thrown vertically into the air At the very top of its trajectory the net force on it is?

The net force is gravity. The speed is zero.

If a rock is dropped and a ball is thrown horizontally at the same initial elevation Which will have the greater speed when it reaches ground level?

at what q from the horizontal should be threw a rock so that it has greatest range

What is the average speed of a baseball that is thrown 90 feet in 2 seconds?


Did Justin Bieber get a rock thrown at him?

Justin Bieber has had a rock thrown at him by a fan trying to get his attention! But luckily it just missed him.

At what speed does a baseball begin to make sound?

There are factors in addition to speed the cause a baseball to make sound when it is thrown. The spin on the ball also has an impact. On average the speed needed would have to be in the mid sixties at least.

What is the height of a rock that is thrown upward with an initial speed of 15 meter per second?

We have no idea how big the rock is, and no way to figure it out. But we can calculate that it reaches 11.48 meters above the ground before it starts falling.

What happen to kinetic energy of the rock as it gets higher and higher?

Unless the speed of the rock changes, the kinetic energy does not change. If you are talking about a rock that is being thrown, of course the kinetic energy decreases as kinetic energy is converted into potential by the conservative gravitational force.

A rock is dropped at the same instant that a ball in the same elevation is thrown horizontally which will have the greater speed when it reaches ground level?

They will both have the same speed because the will hit the ground at the same time, due to vertical velocity.