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Average speed is an average value of speed over a given time.

If your speed is constant (not changing), then your average speed will equal your speed at any given moment in time.

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Q: When are speed and average speed the same?
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Does average velocity and average speed have the same number?

velocity is a vector and speed is scalar. Velocity has magnitude and directions, with magnitude being speed. The magnitude of average velocity and average speed is the same.

Is average speed the same as speed?

Average Speed is different from average speed becoz speed is particular while avera speed is the total distance divided from time

Can average velocity and average speed be same?

Yes, average velocity and average speed can be the same if an object moves in a straight line without changing direction. Average velocity takes into account both the speed of the object and its direction of motion, while average speed is the total distance traveled divided by the total time taken.

What is the same instantanoeus speed and average speed?

Instantaneous speed is the speed of an object at a specific moment in time, while average speed is the total distance traveled divided by the total time taken. At the exact moment when an object's speed is constant, its instantaneous speed and average speed will be the same.

Can you use average speed to calculate the speed of an object that is moving at a constant speed?

Yes, average speed can be used to calculate the speed of an object moving at a constant speed. This is because the average speed over a whole journey for an object moving at a constant speed is the same as its actual speed.

How does distance affects the average speed?

Distance does not affect the average speed. A car can travel 1 kilometre at an average speed of 60 km per hour, or it can travel 100 km at the same average speed.

What is the difference between constant speed and average speed?

Average speed is a representation of all your speeds between two points, constant speed is just unchanging speed.

Which describes the average velocity of an ant traveling at a constant speed in a straight line on the kitchen counter?

The slope of the ant's displacement vs. time graph The total displacement divided by the time.

How do you get the avrage speed?

To calculate average speed, divide the total distance traveled by the total time taken. The formula is: average speed = total distance / total time. Make sure the units for distance and time are consistent for an accurate result.

In what condition average velocity is equal to average speed give an example?

When an object is moving along a straight line at a variable speed, we can express the magnitude of the rate of motion in terms of average velocity.It is the same way as we calculate average speed.

Is there a circumstance average speed equal to average velocity?

As long as there is no change in direction then they are effectively the same.

How is instantaneous speed different from average?

The average speed is the speed that it takes to travel a certain distance in a certain time. Average speed is determined by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken to get there. Instantaneous speed is a certain speed at any given time.