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nobody cares running is stupid and people shouldn't have to do it if they don't want to

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Q: What is the average time it takes to sprint a lap?
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How long would it take to run a lap around a soccer field?

You can run around a full regulation soccer field in a minute if you're really pushing yourself. My fasted lap was 52 seconds at a sprint the whole time but the average time at a fast run is 1:10-1:20

What is the 200 meter dash?

A sprint that is 200m(or half a lap).

How do you determine the final average speeds at a nascar sprint cup race?

43 cars in nascar running together at the end how do you determine what the average speeds are not qulifying or practice but the total lap speeds

What are the of 400 meter sprint?

one lap around the track field.

Running a fast mile?

Run the first lap the slowest, speed it up a lot on the 2nd lap, work the hardest on the 3rd lap, and do your best on the last lap (sprint the last 100 meters).

What is the average time for a person in 1600 meter race?

i just for the first 100 meters, and then you merge in.

What is the average length of a thoroughbred horse?

Based on a 2010 Italian study of 50 standardbred 2 yr old fillies, under actual competitive harness race and sprint lap conditions (average speed conditions 48.2 +- 1.1 ft/sec) the average stride length over the entire race was 7.17m +-0.17m and 7.30m +- .11m during the sprint lap. The sprint lap value translates to 23.95 ft; this value correlates 1:1 with the stride length for competitive harness pacers as well as for galloping thoroughbreds and quarterhorses. Answer 2: The above answer is for racing trotters. The average horse has a 12 foot trot stride, a pony's trot stride will be a bit shorter.

How long does it take to travel 671 km?

the same time it takes to do 1 lap around your mum

What is the name of crossfit exerise which you sprint back and forth within 25 meters which you have to sprint faster each lap to keep up with the timer beep?

The Beep Test

What is one lap around the sun?

One lap around the Sun takes one year.

How many races did Danica Patrick finish on the lead lap in 2012?

In 2012, Danica Patrick finished on the lead lap in 17 of her 33 Nationwide Series races. In her ten Sprint Cup Series starts, she finished on the lead lap once.

How does a digital stopwatch work ?

A digital stopwatch is a timer usually used to record the time it takes to cook something or for athletes who need to have their running time recorded. There is a start/stop button and also a lap button to mark a lap has been completed.