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The diameter

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Q: What is the axis of symmetry in a circle?
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How many axis of symmetry have a circle?

there are 4 axis of symmetry in a circle

How many axis of symmetry does a circle have?

An infinite number.

What is the axis of symmetry of a circle?

Any line through the centre.

What animal bodies are organized in a circle around a central axis?

The animal bodies that are organized in a circle around a central axis have radial symmetry. An example is sea anemone.

Are axes and lines of symmetry the same thing?

No, although they can be lines of symmetry, they are not the same things. If a circle were to have its center at the point (1,1), the circle would have an infinite number of lines of symmetry, but none of them would be the x or y axis.

Does a semi circle have rotational symmetry?

If the central point of the straight line is placed exactly on the middle, and such central point has an axis, it will have a rotational symmetry.

What 2 dimensional shape has the most lines of symmetry?

A circle or annulus. Each of its infinite number of diameters is an axis of symmetry. Plus there is the line through its centre and perpendicular to the plane of the circle.

How many axis of symmetry in a pentagon?

5 symmetry axis

Which point of parabola is on the axis of symmetry?

Its extremum is on its axis of symmetry.

What is axis of symmetry?

What is axis of symmetry? the axis of symmetry is a line that divides a planar figure into two congurent reflected halves

Symmetry of a circle?

A circle has infinite lines of symmetry

What are some examples of symmetry in math?

The axis of symmetry. Which is a line that you can reflect two functions of off the axis of symmetry.

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