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Q: What is the base for a triangle that has a high of 14.2 inches in an area of 63.9 inches?
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A rectangle that is 8 inches long and 5 inches wide has the same area as a triangle that is 2 inches high What is the base of the triangle?

a*b=(h*B)/2, a&b being the sides of the rectangle, h the height of the triangle and B the base: 8*5=(2B)/2 40=B

What is the area of a right triangle that is Cm high and has a base that is 7cm long?

The height has not been given but the area of the triangle is: 0.5*height*base

What is the area of a triangle 6 inches high by 7 inches wide?

A(Triangle) = 0.5 X Base X perpendicular height Substituting A = 0.5 X 7 X 6 => A = 0.5 X 42 => A = 21 sq. ins.

Can a paralleloelgram and a triangle have the same area give examples .?

A triangle twice as high as a parallelogram with the same base has the same area.

What is the vertical height of a triangle with an area of 48cm2 and a base length of 6cm?

assuming its an isosceles triangle, then its 16 cm high

What is the formula of the area of a quadrilateral?

The formula is bXh or base times height. if for instance you had a quadrilateral with a base that is 2 inches in length and is 3 inches high its area would be 6in2 .

Can a parallelogram and a triangle which have the same base have the same area?

Yes. If you drew them one on top of another, the parallelogram would be a "squashed" one that was not very high when compared to the height of the triangle. But it is eminently possible to have the two figures contain the same area and have the same base.

What are the angles of triangle that is 16 inches wide and 12 inches high?

96 square inches.

What is the volume of a rectangular prism that is 6 inches high with a base area of 12 square inches?

Volume = cross-sectional area x length, so 6 x 12=72

Is 7 meters high and 12 meters along the base what is the area?

It depends on whether the figure is a triangle, a rectangle, or some other shape.

What is an area of high concentration?

its when your bumhole is shaped like a triangle

What is the strongest shape in resisting lateral forces is it the rectangle with a 500m x 400m base or triangle with a 800 x 500m base if the building is 500m high?

A triangle.