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Q: What is the bearing at 90 degrees?
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What bearing angle is due east?

90 degrees

How many degrees are therein the angle between the hands of a clockwhen it is 9 O 'clock?

90 degrees. At this time the small hand will be at the 9 with a bearing of 270 and the large will be at the 12 with a bearing of 0. The difference between these is 270 degress or 90 degrees but as 90 degrees is smaller that is the one we use.

When observing cross bearing of objects how much would their bearing differ to obtain good fix?

Below 90 degrees

What is the constant bearing value for due west?

North is 0 degrees, east is 90 degrees, south is 180 degrees, and west is 270 degrees.

What direction is NNW plus 90 degrees?

The direction NNW plus 90 degrees is ENE. ---------------------- NW is a bearing of 315 and NNW is a bearing of 337.5. Add 90 to this, and subtract 360 because we have "gone round": 337.5 + 90 = 427.5; 427.5 - 360 = 67.5. This is past NE, so the answer is ENE.

A difference between direction and bearing?

For sailors, bearing is the angle measured clockwise from North. For mathematicians, direction is measured counter-clockwise from the positive x-axis. Thus, due East as a bearing would be 90 degrees, since it is 90 degrees clockwise from North, and East as a direction would be 0 degrees, since East is the same as the positive x-axis. So yeah, there you go.

How do you take a bearing?

You take a bearing by pointing your compass at the target (or direction you want to go) and reading the number on the compass. There are 360 degrees in a circle, with East being at 90 degrees, South-East being 135 degrees, South being 180, West 270, North 360 (or zero) and etc. etc.

How many degrees is an right angle?

90 degrees 90 degrees

You have your magnetic bearing of 300 degrees relative bearing of 125 degrees what is the magnetic heading?


How many degrees is a right angle?

90 degreesThere are 90 degrees in a right angle.There are 90 degrees in a right angle

What is the Distance in degrees from the prime meridian to 90 degrees East?

In degrees, the distance from (zero) to (90 degrees) is 90 degrees.

What is back bearing of 89 degree?

If you mean the 3 figure bearing of 089 degrees then it is 269 degrees