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90 - 18 = 72 degrees.

90 - 18 = 72 degrees.

90 - 18 = 72 degrees.

90 - 18 = 72 degrees.

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90 - 18 = 72 degrees.

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Q: What is the measure of an angle who's complement is 18 degrees?
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An angle whos measure have a sum of 90 degrees?

The sum of two complementary angles is 90 degrees.

What is the measure of the larger acute angle of a right triangle that has legs whos measures are 8 and 14?

60.255 degrees (rounded)

What is the measure of angle whos supplement is three times its compliment?

180 - x = 3(90 -x) 180 - x = 270 - 3x 3x - x = 270 - 180 2x = 90 x = 45 The angle is 45 degrees (complement is 45, supplement is 135).

What is the degressof an angle whos side overlaps?

Presumably 0 (or an integral multiple of 360) degrees.

What is the definition of an inscribed angle?

an angle in an circle whos vertex is on the circle.

Two angles whos sum is 180 degrees?

The term supplementary angle is used to refer to angles whose sum is 180 degrees. This is different from complementary angles which add up to 90 degrees.

What statements are true about a 30 60 90 triangle?

If the given numbers represent degrees then it is a right angle triangle whos 3 angles add up to 180 degrees.

What is an example of a obtuse triangle and a scalene triangle?

An obtuse triangle is a triangle whos angle measure is greater than 180. The length of the sides of a scalene triangle are all different.

What is the country whos longitude and latitude are 55 degrees N and 25 degrees east?


An angle whos sides are raised of the same line having only the end point in common is called what?

Straight Angle

What is complementry angles?

Two angles whos sum equals ninety degrees

I backed up in a parking lot to re-angle myself for a parking spot and hit a car behind me whos at fault?

You are.

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