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he most commonly used network topology is a hybrid topology called the Star Bus Topology

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Q: What is the best networking topology to use for a library lan and why?
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Which topology is the best for hospital settings?

LAN based or a WAN based topology

Among topologies which is the best one?

The best topology, whether it is a LAN based or a WAN based topology, is the one best suited for your environment. There is no one best topology for all situations.

What are the topologies used in LAN?

Basic topologies used in LAN are bus topology, ring topology, star topology, mesh topology etc.

Which is the oldest LAN topology?

Star topology is one of the oldest topology

What is the best topology to use for a LAN?

The most common LAN topology is that of a "star." In a star topology, each computer, or "node", is connected to a central hub. This is more reliable than a more classical "ring" topology, because a node failing will not bring down the entire network. A bus topology is arguably more reliable, but has poorer performance.

What is the most popular physical LAN topology in modern networks?

star topology

What physical topology is most widely used?

In a LAN, the star topology is very common.

Most popular network architecture of a LAN is?

For a topology, the most common is a star topology.

Definition of irregular topology?

A topology is the physical configuration of a network. Each network has their own particular type of topology, with the most common being LAN or WAN. Irregular topology is a common topology of LAN, where the information is sent through random connections between computers.

What makes a network?

First of all you known about Networking when you make the network in LAN,MAN,WAN and any type of topology. 1- Topologies 2-LAN 3-MAN 4-WAN and the CISCO NETWORKING devices like cables, switches, Routers and entire building computers where you want to make Network.

What are the 3 common Lan topologies?

1. mesh topology 2. star topology 3. bus topology 4. ring topology 5. hybrid topology (bus + star)

Coax uses what type of LAN?

Coaxial cable was traditionally used in a bus topology LAN.

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