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A graduated cylinder would be the best piece of laboratory equipment to measure a 350 ml of water. It is designed with volume markings and is specifically used for accurate measurements of liquids.

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Q: What is the best piece of laboratory equipment to measure a 350 ml water?
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What is the most appropriate piece of equipment to accurately measure 85 mL of water?

100mL of measuring cylinder is the most appropriate (more than beaker) piece of equipment to measure 85mL of water.

What is the use of a beehive shelf in chemistry labs?

A beehive shelf is a piece of laboratory equipment, usually of pottery, used to support a receiving jar or tube while a gas is being collected over water with a pneumatic trough.

Which laboratory tools are used to measure the temperature of water in a beaker?

It's got to do with science

What equipment is used to measure the volume of water?

a graduated cylinder

What are apparatus used as in a laboratory to measure small amount of substances e.g. 1ml of water?

to be safety

Which piece of equipment do you use to extract water from canned tuna?

Tuna Press

What kind of equipment do you measure a 10mL of water?

Glass Graduated Cylinders

What would you do if your clothing were in flames in laboratory?

as we all that in laboratory there must be equipment for safety,so look for fire extinguisher then extinguish the fire and do not use water as it make the more flammble

What is a beehive shelf?

It supports the test tube above it. Maria

Which laboratory equipment would most likely be used for testing a substance for the presence of monosaccharides?

A beaker of water, an indicator, and a hotplate

What piece of equipment might help low water levels in an aquarium?

A float valve.

Difference between laboratory and clinical thermometer?

A clinical thermometer is used to measure a human body, and the laboratory thermometer is used to boil water and other lab uses.