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Q: What is the building on the tails side of the pennies?
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What is the building on the tails side of the penny?

Lincoln memorial Bldg.

What has 50 heads and 50 tails?

A roll of pennies.

What does the tails side of a dime mean?

The tails side is the side without the head on it.

What has 50 heads and tails?

A roll of pennies (there are 50 pennies to a roll).

The building on the back of the nickel?

The building on the reverse [tails] side of the Jefferson nickel is the home of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, located in Charlottesville, Virginia. There is a caption right under the building that identifies it.

Do whales move their tails from side to side when they swim?

Whales when they swim they move their tails up and down not side to side.

What are some side-effects of swallowing pennies?

no side effects when you suck pennies you feel free

How do you find the mintmark on a 1955 Australian penny?

Australia struck pennies in 1955 at two locations - the Melbourne Mint and the Perth Mint. The Perth Mint pennies have a very small dot, to the right and in line with the base of the "Y" in "PENNY" on the reverse / tails side. The pennies struck at the Melbourne Mint do not have this dot.

What building is on the tails side of the most recent penny?

Lincoln Memorial from 1959 to 2008. The 2009 cent will have President Aberham Lincoln standing out side the Old State Capitol Building, along with 3 other designs.

What are the chances you are going to toss 2 pennies 20 times How many times do you expect the 2 pennies will come up 2 tails?


How many pennies placed side by side are in a foot?

yes it can

Do fish swim with there tails up and down or side to side?

Side to side

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