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A normal bucket can hold up to 10 litres.

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5 m

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Q: What is the capacity of a bucket?
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What is the capacity to an ordinary bucket of water?

How large is the bucket? I would suggest pouring water in to find out.

How do you put capacty in a sentence?

The bucket has a capacity of 10 litres.(Correct spelling is capacIty)

What unit of capacity would you measure a bucket?


What is it the best estimate of the capacity of a bucket?

1 liter

What is the meaning of Struck Capacity?

In general and easy terms, Struck Capacity is the capacity of material present in a bucket of any Excavating Equipment.

What is the capacity of a 9.7 liter bucket in mililietrs?

That is 9,700 ml.

What is the capacity of a bucket of water?

Starting from 8 lit upto 25 lit capacity buckets are available.

Which is the most precise measure for the capacity of a small bucket?

5 gallons

How much does a 10 gallon bucket weigh filled to capacity with the density of water is 1.00 gram per milliliter how many pounds does the bucket weigh?

83.4 lbs - excluding the weight of the bucket !

How much does a gait ice weigh?

It all really depends on what size the bucket is that's holding the ice. You would have to find the capacity of the bucket first.

How much does a bucket of ice weigh?

It all depends on the size, material and maximum capacity of the bucket in question. It helps to be more specific with questions like these.a 2.5 (10 Qt.) bucket will weigh about 20 lbs., a 5 gallon bucket about 40 lbs.

What is the unit of a pail?

The capacity of a pail (bucket) is usually given in litres. The capacity of older buckets still in use might be in imperial gallons.

What has the largest capacity a bottle of medicine a bath full of water or a bucket of cleaning fluid?

Assuming all three are relatively normal compared to each other (large bath, medium bucket and small bottle), then the bath will hold a good deal more fluid than either the bucket or the medicine bottle, and therefore has the largest capacity. However, if capacity is measured against the amount of fluid they already contain and they're all full, then they all have the same capacity: none at all.

How do you precisely measure 6 liters of water if you only have one 4 liter bucket and one 9 liter bucket with a steady flow of water?

you use the 4 litre bucket to feel the 9 litre bucket then empty the 9 when it is full till you end up with 6 in it as follows you put 2 buckets of 4 into 9 then 1 litre from 4 to fill 9 then empty 9 put remaining 3 into 9 put 4 more in then 2 to fill 9 and empty put remaining 2 in then 4 more giving you 6 litres ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My way: (Mechanical Engineering Student) Take the 9l bucket filled to capacity and use it to fill the 4l bucket twice leaving you with 1l remaining in the 9l bucket. Next, pour that 1l into the 4l bucket. Fill the 9l to capacity again. Using the 9l bucket fill the 4l bucket to capacity leaving you with 6l total in the 9l bucket.

Cubic inches in 5 gallon bucket?

1 gallon = 231 cubic inches5 gallons = (5 x 231) = 1,155 cubic inchesThis is the capacity of the empty bucket. It has nothing to do with the volume of the material comprising the bucket.

What is maximum weight capacity of 5 gallon bucket?

Not all 5 gallon buckets would have the same weight capacity. A common cheap plastic 5-gallon bucket would likely hold over 40 lbs; but age, quality of construction, materials used, and other factors would greatly effect weight capacity.

How much weight can a 345 cat pick?

There are several models of the 345 Caterpillar excavators with various bucket capacities. Please refer to the specs of the model you are interested to determine the bucket capacity and weight.

Are capacity and amount the same thing and way?

They are close but NOT the same.Capacity : think of it as how much can something hold stated as an amount. Example : The bucket has a Capacity of Six Apples.Amount is a number of things Example: 6 apples

How do I access other user buckets?

Bucket 1 Bucket 2 Bucket 3 Bucket 4 Bucket 5 Bucket 5 Bucket 7 Bucket 8 Bucket 9 Bucket 10 Bucket 11 Bucket 12 Bucket 13 Bucket 14 Bucket 15 Bucket 16 Bucket 17 Bucket 18 Bucket 19 Bucket 20

The number of times a bucket of capacity 4 litres to be used to fill up a tank is less than the number of times another bucket of?

x/4-x/3=4 x=48 liters

Would you use milliliters or liters when measuring a bucket?

a common man would be satisfied with "litres", unless you are too keen to know the exact capacity to the precision of number of droplets that the bucket can hold. in short, LITRES.

What is the most appropriate unit to use to measure the capacity of a bucket of water for a horse?

The best device to use to measure the capacity of a bucket is a measuring cup. After the measurement is made, the result can be expressed in any unit of volume, although some units will result in numbers that are inconveniently large or small. Probably the most convenient numbers will be associated with liters, quarts, or gallons. And none of this depends on what's in the bucket, or on its intended use.

Would a cleaning bucket be 500ml or 5l?

It will be mostly likely 5L because 500mL will be more of less capacity so the Answer: is 5L.

If you are measuring the capacity of a bucket what unit of measurement should you use?

A unit of volume - litres, gallons, cubic inches or cubic centimetres are examples.

What is the most precise measure for the capacity of a small bucket?

Weigh it empty (and dry please). Fill it with pure water and weigh it again (outside dry please). Subtract the first weight from the second weight. The difference in grams is the bucket capacity in milliliters or cc. The water can be at 4 degrees Celsius, or correct for the expansion of the water at any other temperature.