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Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and the capital of Kentucky is Frankfort.

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Q: What is the capital of Louisville?
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Is Louisville a capital?

Louisville, Kentucky is not a capital city. Frankfort is the capital city of Kentucky.

Do you say Louisville is the capital of Kentucky or Looieville?

The capital of Kentucky is actually Frankfort, but Kentuckians pronounce Louisville as "Lou-i-vool."

Louisville is the capital of Louisiana?

False. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana.

Why was Louisville chosen as Georgia's capital?

Atlanta is the capital city in Georgia.

Why was Louisville picked as the new Georgia capital?

Because of the population. More people started moving to Louisville than there were in Augusta, so the capital shifted to Louisville to be in the highest populated area.

Why did Georgia move its capital to Louisville in 1786?

because georgia was the first capital

What city became georiga's capital after Louisville?

Milledgeville became the capital city of Georgia after Louisville. Georgia's capitals were Savannah, the seat of government during British colonial rule, followed by Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta.

Where is national home life assurance company a member of the capital holding family louisville KY?

Louisville, Ky

Why was Georgia's capital changed to louisville?

it wasn't it is Oklahoma city

Why was Louisville chosen as Georgia's capital in 1786?

It was more centrally located.

What is the flight time from Louisville Kentucky to Aruba?

The flight takes about four hours from Louisville, Kentucky to Aruba's capital city at Oranjestad.

What is a city in Kentucky?

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky, and Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky

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