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Q: What is the circumference of 26cm diameter?
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What is 3.14 pie diameter 26cm?

What is 3.14 pie 26cm

What is the radius and diameter of circle area 530.66cm2?

Radius = about 13cm Diameter = about 26cm

How do you get diameter from circumference?

Circumference is Pi x Diameter so do Circumference divided by Pi to get the diameter :)

How do you figure out diameter and circumference?

Circumference is pi times diameter. Diameter is circumference divided by pi. Diameter is twice the radius. Radius is half the diameter.

How do you find the diameter from the circumference?

Diameter = Circumference/pi

If you have your circumference how do you find the diameter?

diameter = circumference/pi

What is the diameter of a 12cm circle?

using the formula circumference=diameter X pi: circumference=diameter X pi circumference/pi=diamter X pi/pi circumference/pi=diameter therefore, diameter=circumference/pi diameter=12mm/3.14 diameter=3.821mm

What is the equation to get the diameter from the circumference?

Since the circumference is Pi times the diameter then divide the circumference by Pi (3.14159) to get the diameter

What is the circumference of A 13.5 Diameter circle?

The circumference of a 13.5 diameter circle is: 42.41(diameter x pi = circumference).

The circumference of a circle is 31mi what is it diameter?

Circumference = pi*diameter So diameter = circumference/pi = 9.87 mi

If a circle has a circumference of 8 what is the diameter?

If a circle has a circumference of 8 the diameter is: about 2.546 (circumference divided by pi = diameter).

Find the diameter of a circle if the circumference is 24.5?

Circumference = diameter(pi) so divide the circumference by pi to get the diameter.