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Q: What is the circumference of 600mm diameter?
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Determining th perimeter length of a 600mm diam circle?

The perimeter of a circle is called the circumference. Its formula is C = pi x diameter. The value of pi is often rounded to 3.14 for problem solving purposes. So just plug in the values for pi and the diameter into the formula to get the circumference of the circle: 3.14 x 600mm = approximately 1884 mm.

Circumference of a 600mm dia circle?

Its circumference = 600*pi mm

How many meters of 85 micron paper would you get in a 600mm diameter core?

If the 600mm roll of paper has no hollow core then: the mean diameter = 300mm the mean circumference = 300.Pi = 942.48mm = 0.94248m the number of layers = 300 radius / 0.085 = 3529 3529 x 0.94248 = 3326 metres If there is a core onto which the paper was wound, then the mean circumference will be larger (depending on the size of the core) but the number of layers will be fewer and there will be less paper in metres.

How do you get diameter from circumference?

Circumference is Pi x Diameter so do Circumference divided by Pi to get the diameter :)

What would the Volume of cylinder 300mm round by 600mm deep be?

The volume of a 300mm diameter by 600mm deep cylinder is: 42,412,000 mm3

How do you figure out diameter and circumference?

Circumference is pi times diameter. Diameter is circumference divided by pi. Diameter is twice the radius. Radius is half the diameter.

How do you find the diameter from the circumference?

Diameter = Circumference/pi

If you have your circumference how do you find the diameter?

diameter = circumference/pi

What is the diameter of a 12cm circle?

using the formula circumference=diameter X pi: circumference=diameter X pi circumference/pi=diamter X pi/pi circumference/pi=diameter therefore, diameter=circumference/pi diameter=12mm/3.14 diameter=3.821mm

What is the equation to get the diameter from the circumference?

Since the circumference is Pi times the diameter then divide the circumference by Pi (3.14159) to get the diameter

What is the circumference of A 13.5 Diameter circle?

The circumference of a 13.5 diameter circle is: 42.41(diameter x pi = circumference).

The circumference of a circle is 31mi what is it diameter?

Circumference = pi*diameter So diameter = circumference/pi = 9.87 mi