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The circumference of a circle if the radius is 6.25 meters is: 39.3 meters.

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Q: What is the circumference of a circle if the radius is 6.25 meters?
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What is the circumference of a twenty five foot diameter circle?


If the radius of a circle is 25 what is the area?

625 pi = 1,963.5 (rounded)

Leaving the answer in terms of pi what is the area of a circle with a circumference of 50 pi cm?

Circumference = pi x diameter = 50 pi The diameter is 50. Radius is half of the diameter, which is 25. Area = pi x r2 = pi x 252 = 625 pi cm

What is the area of a circle with a circumference of 50pi?

The area of a circle is calculated using the formula A = πr^2. Given that the circumference of the circle is 50π, we can determine the radius using the formula C = 2πr, where C is the circumference. So, 50π = 2πr. Solving for r gives us the radius as 25. The area of the circle with radius 25 is then A = π(25)^2 = 625π.

What is the area of circle with the radius 25inches?

Area of Circle = pi x r^2 = pi x 25 x 25 = pi x 625 If you need a decimal answer multiply 625 x 3.14159

How many linear feet are in a 50 foot diameter circle?

625*pi, or approximately 1,963 square feet This is the answer for square feet or area of the circle. pi*radius squared . The linear feet or circumference is found by multiplying the diameter times pi. answer is 50*pi or about 157 feet rounding pi to 3.14

What is the area of a 50 metre diameter circle?

There are: pi*25^2 = 625*pi square meters

How do you you arrive at 625 square meters?

25 meters times 25 meters = 625 square meters

If you have 100 meters of fencing what is the area of the largest pen you can make?

The largest pen you can make is a circle with a circumference of 100 meters.Its diameter is 31.83 meters, and its area = 795.77 square meters.It's a lot easier to just go with a square ... the largest area you can make with straight sides.Use the 100 meters of fence to enclose a (25 x 25) square. The area is 625 square meters.

What is 62.5 cm in meters?

.625 meters

How many meters are in 625 centimeters?

625 cm = 6.25 m

What is the ratio of 625 centimeters to 5 meters?

It is 625:500, or 1.25