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To find the circumference of a circle, use the equation:

Circumference = 2*π*radius

so when the radius is r, the circumference is 2πr

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Q: What is the circumference when the radius is r?
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How are radius and circumference related?

Circumference = 2(pi)r where pi = about 3.14 and r is the radius

What is radius of a circle with a circumference of 7.07?

If the radius is r then the circumference is 2*pi*r So r -= circumference/(2*pi) = 1.13 units.

What is the radius of a circle if the circumference is 20.5?

Circumference = 2*pi*r r(radius) = Circumference/(2*pi) r = 20.5/6.283185307 = 3.26 ======

Work out the radius of a circle from the circumference?

c=2*pie*r c= circumference r= radius.

If a circle has a radius of cm what is the circumference?

Circumference = πd diameter = 2 x radius

What is the equation for finding the radius of a sphere when you know the circumference?

The equation for circumference is C=2(pi)(r) where C is the circumference and r is the radius. You can find the radius by plugging in the circumference into this equation and solving the equation.

How do you find the circumference of a circle with just the radius?

The circumference of a circle is equal to the radius times 2*pi. 2*pi*R where R is the radius.

What is the radius of a circle if given the circumfrence?

The circumference (c) of a circle = 2πr (where r = radius). Therefore if you know the circumference, the radius (r) = c/2π.

What is the circumference of a circle with the radius of 43?

Circumference = 2pi*r Circumference = 86pi

How do you find the circumference by the radius?

circumference equal 2*pi*r(radius) C=2PiR

What is the equation for the circumference and radius?

The equation for circumference is 2(3.14)(r) or 3.14(d) where r=radius and d=diameter. The radius of a circle is half of the circumference, or the distance across the interior of a circle.

What is the approximate circumference of circle r?

Circumference of a circle with radius 'r' = 2(PI)(r) ~ 6.28(r)

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