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A separator or a delimiter.

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Q: What is the comma called that separates a period in a number?
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What is the comma called that separates a period in a number For example in the number 100000 is the comma considered a placeholder or separator or some other term?

It is NOT a place holder though, for really big (or small) numbers it can help find the place value. It is called a separator or delimiter.

What is the period after thousands called?

it isn't a period it is a comma.

What is a six comma number called?

What are all the names of a comma in a number

In a number a group of 3 digits separated by a comma is called a what?

Commas are used to separate large numbers into groups of three digits. Each group is called a period.

What does the word comma mean?

A comma is a punctuation mark that separates phrases in a sentence. It looks like ,

What do you call the apostrophe comma period hyphen?

They are called Punctuation sings.

What Musical punctuation similar to a comma or period in a sentence is called?

a cadence

What is a group of three digits in a numbers separated by a comma?

its called a period

Do you use a comma before qoutes?

Not necessarily. A comma indicates a pause in speech, or separates ideas for clarity. Where there is no pause and no possible confusion there should be no comma.

What is 739 in the thousands period?

How to get 739,652 as the answer what is the number that has 652 in the ones period and 739 in the thousands period? to the right of the comma is ones period to the left is thousands period

Never place a period where god has placed a comma?

A comma causes a pause in a sentence and a period is a full stop. Never place a period where God has placed a comma.

Is there a comma after a period?