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It is the difference between a term (other than the second) and its predecessor.

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Q: What is the common difference for these arithmetic sequence?
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What is a sequence in which a common difference separates terms?

arithmetic sequence

What is a common difference?

The common difference is the difference between two numbers in an arithmetic sequence.

Is the following sequence arithmetic or geometric and what is the common difference (d) or the common ration (r) the common ratio (r) of the sequence π2π3π22π?

The sequence is neither arithmetic nor geometric.

What is the difference between any two successive terms in a arithmetic sequence?

It is the "common difference".It is the "common difference".It is the "common difference".It is the "common difference".

Can zero be the common difference for arithmetic progression?

yes. A zero common difference represents a constant sequence.

What is a good example of an arithmetic sequence?

An excellent example of an arithmetic sequence would be: 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, in which the numbers are going up by four, thus having a common difference of four. This fulfills the requirements of an arithmetic sequence - it must have a common difference between all numbers.

What is it where you find terms by adding the common difference to the previous terms?

An arithmetic sequence.

The common difference in an arithmetic sequence is a positive number?

could also be negative

What is the uses of arithmetic progression?

When quantities in a given sequence increase or decrease by a common difference,it is called to be in arithmetic progression.

What is a common difference in algebra?

Common difference, in the context of arithmetic sequences is the difference between one element of the sequence and the element before it.

What is the 14th term in an arithmetic sequence in which the first term is 100 and the common difference is -4?

What is the 14th term in the arithmetic sequence in which the first is 100 and the common difference is -4? a14= a + 13d = 100 + 13(-4) = 48

Does the terms of an arithmetic sequence have a common ratio?

No. An 'arithmetic' sequence is defined as one with a common difference.A sequence with a common ratio is a geometricone.