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-24a6-30a5+12a4 = 6a2(-4a4-5a3+2a2)

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2011-06-23 13:47:31
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Q: What is the complete factored form of -24a to the sixth power - 30 a to the fifth power plus 12a to the fourth power?
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One fifth to the fourth power is 0.0016

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x to the 20th power

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24u to the second power. Differentiate 40u to the fifth power which is 200u to the fourth power and 5u to the second power which is 10u. Subtract 400u to the sixth power from 1000u to the sixth power which is 600u to the sixth power. Then square 5u to the second power which is 25u to the fourth power. Finally, divide 600u to the sixth power by 25u to the fourth power. The solution is 24u to the second power. Another method is simplifying it to 8u cubed (to the third power) and taking the power rule. Take 3 times 8u which is 24u and subtract 1 from 3 in exponent which is 2. The answer is 24u to the second power.

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