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90 - 40 = 50 degrees.

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Q: What is the compliment of 40 degrees?
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Related questions

What is the measure of the compliment of 60 degrees?

Compliment of 60 degrees is 30 degrees.

What is a complement of an angle and how do you get it?

angles are complementary if they equal 90 degrees when added. if you have one angle that's 40 degrees, then the compliment of it is and angle of 50 degrees. the way you can find it is to subtract the angle whose compliment you want to find, and then subtract it from 90. No all wrong this is patrick

What is the compliment and supplement of 45?

compliment angle = 45 degrees and supplement angle = 135 degrees

The complement of angle is 10 degrees less than the angle itselffind the angle and its complement?

The angle is 50 and its compliment is 40.

What is the complement of a 34 degrees angle?

The compliment of an angle is equal to 90 degrees minus the angle, therefore the compliment of 34 degrees is 90-34, thus being: 56 degrees.

What is the compliment of 46 degrees?

90 - 46 = 44 degrees.

What is the compliment of 23.75 degrees?

It is 90 - 23.75 = 66.25 degrees.

What is the compliment of 25 degrees?

90-25 = 65 degrees

What is -40 degrees Fahrenheit in degrees celsius?

(-40) degrees Fahrenheit = (-40) degrees Celsius.

What angle would compliment 73 degrees?

An angle of 17 degrees would.

What angle is its own compliment?

45 degrees.

What is the compliment of a 13 degree angle?

77 degrees

What is the complement of a 48 degree angle?

Depends on what you mean by compliment. If its the compliment to a 90 degree angle it would be 42 degrees.

The measure of the compliment to a 35 percent angle is what?

A whole angle is 360 degrees so the measure of a 35% angle is 126 degrees. The complement (not compliment) of this angle would have a measure of 90 - 126 = minus 36 degrees.

An angle and its complement are congruent sometimes always or never?

Sometimes. An angle's compliment is simply what other angle would it take to add up to 90 degrees. If the starting angle was 45 degrees, then its compliment would also be 45 degrees.

The compliment of a 30 degree angle has a measure of?

The compliment of an angle is found by taking 90 degrees minus the known angle. Therefore, you take 90 minus 30 which equals 60 degrees.

Where is 40 degrees north latitud and 40 degrees west longitude?

where is 40 degrees north latitude and 40 degrees west longitude

What is the third angle of a triangle that has 100 degrees and 40 degrees?

180 degrees - 100 degrees - 40 degrees = 40 degrees

Does an angle of 95 degrees have a compliment?

Technically, no, because a compliment is the difference between any one angle and 90 degrees. In essence, two compliments make a right angle. If this was taken to this example, you could say, theoretically, that the compliment could be -5 degrees, but I'm not sure about negative angles. If it were a question on a test, if anything, I would put -5

What is colder 40 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit?

40 degrees Celsius is hotter and is equal to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, while 40 degrees Fahrenheit is someone cold compared to 40 degrees Celsius and is equal to 4.44 degrees Celsius. So to answer the question 40 degrees Fahrenheit is colder.

What does -40 degrees celsius equal to somthing degrees fahrenheit?

-40 degrees Celsius is -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is minus 40 degrees expressed as degrees centigrade?

-40 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to -40 degrees Celsius.

How many degrees Celsius is equal to -40 degrees Fahrenheit?

Was that on purpose? Because it just so happens that -40 is where the two meet! -40 degrees Celsius = -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Was that on purpose? Because it just so happens that -40 is where the two meet! -40 degrees Celsius = -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temperature is cooler 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees celsius?

40 degrees fahrenheit 40 degrees celsius is way higher then it is fahrenheit.

What is -40 degrees celsius in Fahrenheit degrees?

It is also -40-40 degrees Celsius equals - 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Easy to remember.