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If you see pictures, then your computer screen is turned on.

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Q: What is the converse If your computer screen is turned on then you will see pictures?
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How do you turn computer screen while computer screen is turned sideways?

Ctrl/Ctr + Alt + Arrows

What if you turned on your computer but the screen is black?

if the screen is black then this could mean that you either havent plugged the monitor in or you havent turned the monitor on or it could mean that there is a fault with either the monitor or computer that you are plugging the screen into

Computer starts but screen blank?

, when that happens u gotta make sure that the screen is turned on!

What is the smallest unit on a computer monitor screen that can be turned on or off?


Why has the Sony computer screen turned pink?

restart your computer. that's the problem 90% of the time.

What does desk top refer to?

Desktop refer to the screen that is displayed when the computer is turned on. The desktop is the screen on which the icons are there.

Where do you locate splash screen settings on the computer?

If your computer's splash screen can be modified (turned off or on) this setting is going to be found in the BIOS. You will have to consult information for your specific manufactuer to see if the splash screen can be turned off or on. Most can be, a few cannot.

Why is your computer screen completely black even though its on?

Either the monitor is turned off, or set to a screen saver.

Why has your computer screen turned blue?

I think what happpens is that to much electricity is produced that the computer can't handle it and over powers the surkit and makes the screen blue.

Your computer screen froze and turned bluish black on the loggin page What happened and how do you fix it?

That's the bluescreen of death.... Call computer company.

When i switch on my desktop computer the screen stays black yet the computer itself sounds normal?

Check that the cable for your monitor is correctly inserted into the computer and into the monitor, and is turned on.

Why does the computer screen turn off automatically once the computer is turned on?

this is most likely due to a driver issue, especially if the system is a selfbuilt system

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