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The complement of a 55 degree angle is a 35 degree angle

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Q: What is the coplement of a 55 degree angle?
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Related questions

How would you find the degree of an angle of a parrelogram if one angle is 55 degree?

The angle opposite the 55 degree angle will also be 55 degrees. The other two angles will each measure 180 - 55 = 125 degrees.

How do you make 55 degree angle with using compass and ruler?

First draw a 90 degree angle .Than draw a 20 degree angle from that 90 degree angle . Than the rest of the angle will be 90-20=70 .Now bisect the 70 degree angle we will get 70/2=35. Now add the rest of the angle means 35+20 =55 GOT 55 DEGREE ANGLE

An angle that measures 55 degree is a what angle?

An angle measuring 55 degrees is an acute angle since it is measures less than 90 degrees.

What is the complement of a 55 degree angle?

A pair of complementary angles sum up to 90 degrees. In this instance, the complement of a 55-degree angle is 90 - 55 = 35 degrees.

If a triangle has an angle A equals 70 degrees and angle B equals 55 degree what is angle C?

55 degrees.

What is a 55 degree angle called?

That's an acute angle.

What is a 55 degree angle?


What is the complement of a 35 degree angle?

It is 55 degrees

How do you draw a 415 degree angle?

Use a protractor to draw a 55 degree angle and indicate that the angle needs to be measured once around the circle and then some.

Which angle below is co-terminal to 415?

55 degree

How do you draw an angle of 55 degree with compass and pencil?

you will have to construct a 135 degree angle first...but constructing a 90 degree with a 45 degree to give u the 135 degree angle and then using that as a reference, u will have to draw a 60 degree angle going counter clockwise from the 135 degree angle so that 135-60=55 degree...hahah I know it is confusing but if only i could show i mean visual is better than oral right !??! haha ^D^... hope i can help....

If light strikes a body of water at an angle of 55 degrees the angle of reflection will be what?

The angle of incidence is ALWAYS equal to the angle of reflection, therefore the degree of the angle reflection is 55 degrees.

What is the supplement of a 125 degree angle?

It is: 180-125 = 55 degrees

How do you trisect an angle of 55 degree?

Use a protractor and each trisected angle will measure 18 degrees and 20 minutes

What ventex angle of an isosceles triangle is 70 degree what is each base angle?

55 degrees because there are 180 degrees in a triangle

Which angle is complementary to the 35 degree angle?

Subtract 35 from 90 to get the complementary angle. If you're looking for supplementary subtract from 180. 90-35 =55 . . . The Complementary angle = 55

The supplement of a 80 degree angle has a measure of?

The supplement of an 80 degree angle is an 100 degree angle.

What is a 90 degree angle called?

A 90-degree angle is a right angle.

What is the supplement of a 55 degree angle?

128 cuz 180 take away 55 is 128

What is the measure of the complement to a 35 degree angle?

The sum of two complements is 90 degrees, or a right angle. 90-35=55 degrees.

In triangle DEF DE equals 5 and measure of angle D is 55 degree's find Fe to the nearest tenth?

in triangle def side de equals 5 and angle d equals 55 find fe

A 40 degree angle is the of a 50 degree angle?

A 40 degree angle is the COMPLEMENT of a 50 degree angle.

What is the supplement of 94 degree angle?

It is an 86 degree angle

The unit used to measure an angle is called?

A degree is the measure of an angle.

What is the measure of other 2 angles of isosceles triangle if 1 angle is 55 degree?

It depends on whether the 55 degree angle is the odd-one-out or not.If it is, then the other two angles must be the same, and they must add up with 55 to be 180. (All angles of a triangle must add up to 180o) So we get the equation:2x+55=1802x=125x=62.5If the 55o angle is congruent with another angle, that means that there are two angles that are 55 degrees. So if we define the other angle as x, we get:x+2(55)=180x+110=180x=70.So if x is the odd one out, then the angles are 55-62.5-62.5If x not is the odd one out, then the angles are 55-55-70