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Q: What is the cost of 100g if 50 costs 40p?
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How much does a packet of ham cost in tesco?

Between 40p - £4, 50

What is the cost of 600g if 12g costs 40p?

First of all you need to work out the cost of One gram 40/12=3.33333333 pence Then multiply the cost of One gram by 600 to get the cost of Six hundred grams 3.33333333*600 = 2000 pence or £20.00 -------------------------------------------- Alternatively 600/12 = 50 and 50 times 48 pence = 2000 pence or £20.00

What is 50 percent of 40p?

50% of 40 is 20.Therefore the answer is 20p.

How much does a pound of silicon cost?

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth's crust, and the eighth most abundant in the Universe. So you can get as much of it as you want for totally free. Just go down to the beach and scoop up a few handfuls of "silicon-dioxide" ... sand. Any cost for silicon is the cost of purifying the raw stuff. I found the following on-line: Cost, bulk: $0.14 per 100g Cost, industrial pure: $5.40 per 100g Cost, electronic pure: $276 per 100g

How much does a canarie cost?

It costs $50 and up.

Is a shirt cost 19.50 and is 50 percent off what is the price?

50% off is the same as saying the shirt costs 50% of its original cost. 50% of original cost = 19.50*50/100 = 9.75

How much does a Terran SCV cost?

It costs 50 Minerals.

How much does a ripstick cost?

It costs about 50-100 dollars

What does 1 apple cost?

An apple costs $.50 to $1.00

How much does camembert cost?

it costs £7.00 for 50 grams

How much does an 80gb PS3 cost?

it costs 50 cents

A company is producing 500 units of output Its average variable costs are 2.00 and its average fixed costs are 50 What is the total cost?

Total cost = variable cost + fixed cost fixed cost = 50 fixed cost per unit = 50 / 500 = .1 total cost = 2 + .1 = 2.1 per unit