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1044. you have 29sq meters, x 39 per sq meter = 1044

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Q: What is the cost of tiling a room 7.25 meters by 4 meters if tiles are 36 a square meter?
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Janson is tiling a patio. The tiles are each 1 square decimeter. The patio is 6 meters long and 4 meters wide. How many tiles will Jason need?

He will need 240 tiles.

Jason is tiling patio the tiles are each 1 square decimeter the patio is 6 meters long and 4 meters wide how many tiles will Jason need?


How many 330 x 330 tiles to cover 12 square meters room?

It will take nine 330 by 330 mm tiles to cover one square meter. The room is 144 square meters in area. 9X144=1296 tiles. With a 5mm grout.

How many tiles each 20 meter square are needet to cover 50000 meter square?

2500 tiles

Uli is making somthing with special tiles the tiles are each1 square centimeter long the mosaic when finished will be 3 meters long and three meters wide how many tiles will uli need?

600 tiles needed, 100 centimeters in a meter

What is the meaning of tiling?

of Tile, A surface covered with tiles, or composed of tiles., Tiles, collectively.

How many 300mmx600mm tiles fit into 1square meter?

300 mm = 0.300 meter and 600 mm = 0.600 meter. The area in meters of each tile is therefore 0.300 X 0.600 = 0.180 square meter. The number of tiles require to total 1 square meter therefore is 1/0.180 = about 5.5. Therefore, no integral number of tiles will exactly fill the specified space, and no more than five will fit. If the 1 square meter has a very long and narrow shape, narrower than 0.300 meter, no tiles at all will fit.

How many 25cm x 38cm tiles to a square meter?

11 tiles.

How many 5 cm by 20 cm tiles would it take to cover a 2 meters by 5meters?

1 square meter = 10,000 sq cm To cover 50,000 square centimeters to 5 meters square tiles are used. 5 x 20 = 100 area of ​​a tile 50000/100 = 500 tiles

How many square meters of tiles fit in 1 cubic meter space?

That depends entirely on the thickness of each tile !

How many 6inch tiles in 1 square meter?


How many packages are there in 250 square meter if one package has 44 tiles?

Depends on the size of the tiles.

How many tiles measuring 300mm by 450mm to cover an area of 13 sqare meters do you need?

300 mm = 0.300 meters and 450 mm = 0.450 meters. Therefore, the area of each tile in square meters is 0.300 X 0.450 = 0.135 square meters. Therefore, the smallest number of tiles that can cover an area of 13 square meters is 13/0.135 or at least 97 tiles.

How many tiles are needed in the 9 meters square if the tiles is 3 centimeters?

10 000

How many 1 square decimeter tiles in 24 square meters?


How many 16x16 inches tiles in 22.5 square meters?

You would need 137 (136.23) 16" x 16" tiles to cover 22.5 square meters.

How many 60cm x 30cm tiles in a square meter?


Area of 3.33 square meters how may tiles will you need if tiles are 3 by 3 centimeters?


How many 300x300 slabs are in a square meter?

how many 300x300 mm tiles in a square metre

How many floor tiles of 30.5cm x 30.5cm to cover 7square meters?

75.25 tiles (assuming no part of a tile is wasted and leaving no allowance for space between tiles.) buy at least 10 extra. Math: 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm = 930.25 Square cm per tile. a square meter = 100 cm X 100 cm = 10,000 square cm 7 square meter = 70,000 square cm now divide.... 70,000 square cm / 930.25 square cm per tile = 75.25 tiles

How many tiles required of 30sqm land if a tile is 4040cm tile?

If the tiles are 40x40 cm, each square meter will require 2.5 x 2.5, or 6.25 tiles. For 30 square meters then, you would need approximately 30 * 6.25 tiles, or 187.5 tiles. Of course, if you're doing real flooring and not a simple math puzzle, then .5 tiles are pretty useless, and you'd need to account not just for the area of the room, but the length and width.

How many tiles 0.2 meter square are needed to cover an area 2 meters by 3 meters?

30.2 meters x 3 meters = 6 square meters area to be covered.If each tile is 0.2 sq, then 6/0.2 = 30 tiles are needed.

What does it mean putting ceramic tiles on the floor on a dream book?

tiling new ceramic tiles on a home

How many meter square of 300x300x7mm tiles fill a 20 feet container?

600x300x7mm tiles fill a 20 feet container?

How many square tiles of 20cm will cover a floor area one square meter?

You would need 25 (5x5).