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Q: What is the covered exterior area of a building used for sitting?
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A covered exterior area of a building used for sitting?


What is the definition of a building footprint?

== One definition== A building footprint is the outline of the total area of a lot or site that is surrounded by the exterior walls of a building or portion of a building, exclusive of courtyards.

What is ground area?

Ground area is defined as the area a building occupies at ground level. The area is computed based on the exterior dimensions of the ground.

How do I find an expert residential exterior painting service in my area?

My family and I are in the process of building a house. We would like the outside painted by professionals. Where can I find professional exterior painters?

What is the definition of floor area area?

It is the plinth area minus the area occupied by walls, ie., it is the area covered between the walls of a building.

How do you spell porches?

The correct spelling of the proper noun is "Porsche" (German auto maker).The common noun porch is a roofed exterior area of a home.

What is the definition of plinth area and carpet area?

It is the covered area of the building measured at plinth level/floor level by taking external dimensions. Plinth offsets,courtyards

What is difference between a ceiling and a roof?

a ceiling is the area that whatever room you're in, that if you look up you will see. a roof is the exterior top section of a building or house

What is exterior?

The word exterior is defined as being on the outside of something. It is the outside area of a structure or surface.

How much area covered by china?

area covered by china

What is an exterior of a polygon?

A polygon is a closed 2-dimensional shape whose boundaries are straight lines. The area within these boundaries in the interior and the area outside them is the exterior.

How do you figure the square wall footage for building the exterior of a concrete house?

L = length of the houseW = width of the houseH = height of the wallsExterior area of the four walls is [ (2H) times (L + W) ] .