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It can be any decimal number between 0 and 255.

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Q: What is the decimal equivalent of a given 8-bit binary number?
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Which decimal number is correct for given binary number 11011010?


What is a Decimal equivalent?

It is a number, in decimal form, whose value is equal to the given number.

What is the same thing as 10101010?

The binary number 10101010 is equivalent, in decimal representation, to 128 + 32 + 8 + 2 = 170. But this answer assumes that the given number is binary - an assumption for which there is no real justification. Besides, the relationship is an equivalence, which is not quite "the same thing".

What would 011110 equal in normal math?

I assume that you are asking how to convert the binary: 011110 to decimal. First off there are 6 places in this binary number--actually five, being that the last number is 0 (a place-holder). So, charting or making a table: Binary CalculationDecimal EquivalentOriginal Binary NumberAdd together2010021212224142381824161162532002664Not givenNot given Add together the last column of numbers together will give you the decimal equivalent to the binary number: 011110.

How do you find a decimal equivalent to a given number?

Take the number and divide it by 100.

What is the decimal number for 000011?

We don't know what the base of the given number is. Since the only digits shown are 1's, the base could be anything from 2 and up. Whatever the base is, the given number is (base + 1). If " 0 0 0 0 1 1 " is a binary number (base 2), then the decimal equivalent is 3 .

How is character represented in the binary code?

Characters are first given an internationally agreed decimal value. The decimal value is converted to binary by the computer. For example... the decimal value for the letter A is 65... this converts to binary as 1000001

Can 0.9 equivalent to the given decimal?

Yes, it can but it all depends on what the given decimal is!

How convert octal to binary?

The conversion of octal number to binary can be obtained by using two methods. First, it can be converted into decimal and then obtained decimal is converted into binary. In the second method, each digit in the octal number is replaced by its 3 bit binary equivalent. to get the 3-bit binary equivalent, first we will find the binary equivalent of digit. if it is not in 3 bits, then the zeros are placed before the binary equivalent to make it of 3 bits. Foe example: Convert (217)8 into its binary equivalent. Solution: The given octal number is (217)8 2 = 0 1 0 1 = 0 0 1 7 = 1 1 1 The digits are converted into their 3 bit binary equivalents. Here the binary equivalents in 3 bits of 2, 1 and 7 are 0 1 0, 0 0 1, and 1 1 1 respectively. So the binary equivalent of (271)8 is 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1. Good luck Rjames007

How do you write 0.9 in decimal equivalent to the given decimal?


How can you find equivalent fractions to a given decimal?

You turn the decimal into a fraction. Then you can find the equivalent fraction.

How do you find a decimal equivalent to a given fraction?

You have to divide the top number by the bottom number. example: 3 ---- = 0.2 15

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