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Psychological statistics is the application of statistics to psychology.

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Q: What is the definition for Psychological Statistics?
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What is the meaning of vital statistics in Telugu?

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Functions and limitations of statistics?

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What is the psychological definition of marginal personality?

There is no established psychological definition of "marginal personality." It may be a term used colloquially or in specific contexts outside of mainstream psychological literature.

Why do we square root in psychological research?

we use square root in statistics in psychological research for such things as standard deviationsl

What definition of abnormal behavior is Tamara using?

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What is the definition of table in statistics?

A chart.

Criticise the definition statistics is a science of counting?

Criticise that statistics is a science of counting

What is the definition of a psychological distance?

physical presence, but emotionally detached

What is the definition of psychological dysfunction?

What role do neurotransmitters play in psychological functioning

What is the definition of the term statistical series?

statistics means data

Statistics may be regarded as the study of the reduction of the data?

The answer is generally no. I note there is no hard and fast definition of the field of statistics. The definition of the field or discipline of statistics is not to reduce the number of values in the set of collected data. An objective of statistics is to characterize or add meaning to the collected data, through calculated values of the data. In this sense, statistics summarizes the data.

What is the definition of psychological injury?

Psychological injury refers to a psychological condition or psychological harm that is caused by an event that occurred or the act, or the failure to act of an individual. Some examples include Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or a concussion.