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Criticise that statistics is a science of counting

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Q: Criticise the definition statistics is a science of counting?
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Statistics is a science of counting who made this statement?

A.L. Bowley defined statistics as"statistics is the science of counting"

What is the useful of counting statistics experiment in nuclear lab?

Counting statistics experiments in nuclear lab helps with science. This helps learn of numbers and measurements.

Importance of statistics in science?

what is the importance of statistics?

What is the definition of statistics in accordance to statistical inquiry?

.. Statistics is the science which deals with the collection,presentation,analysis and interpretation of numerical data, as well as drawing valid conclusions and making reasonable decision on the basis of such analysis

The origin and the development of statistics?

The earliest recorded use of statistics was in the 5th century BCE. The ancient Greeks were attempting to scale a wall, and determined the necessary height for their ladders by counting the bricks in the wall. Since that time, the science of statistics has expanded to include both the collection of the data and the mathematical analysis thereof.

Importance of statistics in field of computer science?

There are many reasons why statistics in are in important in a field of computer science. These statistics help improve computers.

Why statistics considered science?

Statistics is considered to be a science due to its nature. There different scientific processes that are used in collecting, computing and analyzing data for statistics,.

What is definition of statistic?

The definition of statistics is the science of conducting studies to collect, organize, summarize, analyze and draw conclusions from data.

Distinguish between statistics plural and statistics singular?

The statistics (pl.) indicate that statistics (sing.) is a pseudo-science.

What are the relevance of political science to statistics and logic?

The relevance of political science to statistics and logic is that it helps politicians use the statistics collected to think logically about what their subjects need.

What is a good definition for the word Math?

There is no agreed definition but the following, from the Encyclopedia Britannica is a good one. It defines mathematics asThe science of structure, order, and relation that has evolved from elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes of objects.

What is secretarial science definition and summarized answer?

Definition Secretarial Science