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The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle.

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A fact is something that is true and you have information to back it up , an opinion is what someone think ,Ex that was the worst game ever. Worst the the opinion word because somebody meant think that is the best game ever.

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Q: What is the definition for the math word Hypotenuse?
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A math word that starts with H?

Hexagon, hypotenuse, and height.

The definition for the word math stem?

math stem

What is the math word definition for discrete?


Can you use hypotenuse in a sentence?

Hypotenuse is something that I have learned in math class.

What math word starts with a H?

Half, height, hexagon, hundred, hundredth and hypotenuse are math terms. They begin with the letter h.

What math word starts with h?

Hypotenuse, Heptagon(al), Hexagon(al), Hectogram, Height.

What is a math word that starts with the letter h?

Hypotenuse- the slanted/ longest side of a right triangle

Math term that starts with H?


What is the definition of word form in math?

word form is using words to write a #

What is a word in math that the definition is how often something happends?

The word for which you are looking is Frequency.

What math word has a definition called symbols that represent?


What does HL mean in math terms?

HL in math mean hypotenuse leg

Math terms that start with h?

half, hypotenuse

Are there any math words that start with H?


What math words start with the letter h?


What kind of mathematical words start with the letter h?

One math word beginning with H is hypotenuse. (geometry, triangles)

What is the plural word for hypotenuse?

The plural of hypotenuse is hypotenuses.

What rhymes with hypotenuse?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word hypotenuse.

What is a multiplicative relationship in math?

There is no definition since, unfortunately, there is no such word as multicative.

What is the math definition for the word dividend?

a number by which another number, the dividend, is divided.

What is the definition of hypotenuse?

Ths side opposite the right angle.

What is a math term that starts with the letter h?

hypotenuse higher hexagon

What is the definition of geometry in math?

The word geometry simply means land or earth measurements.

What is the definition of the word distributive in math?

serving to distribute, assign, allot, or divide. Answer on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the definition of arithmetic?

it is a Greek word meaning the Science of Numbers or the Art of CountingThe word arithmetic is a noun. Its definition signifies it as the specific branch of math that deals with numbers only.